5 Fun Ice Breaker Ideas for Kids

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The first day of school or attending a party can be unnerving for some kids, especially kids who aren’t very social. An ice breaker session can put everyone at ease and get the conversation flowing. It’ll get even the shy and introverted kids talking to each other and making friends. This fun activity also helps kids get to know each other better.

Ice breakers are great conversation starters and not just with other people; ice breakers also help kids become acquainted with the course content. It helps the children open up and relax, which further encourages them to share ideas with each other. Additionally, ice breaker questions for kids also help kids participate more fully in class and foster a  productive learning environment. It sets a friendly tone for the class and leads them into learning in more engaging ways.

But what kind of ice breaker activities can you do with kids? An ice breaker has to be fun and interactive and help the kids get to know each other in a fun way. Here are some fun ideas for ice breakers that work well in both classrooms and children’s parties.

5 Amazing Ice Breakers for Kids to Get to Know Each Other

  1. Scavenger hunt: A scavenger hunt is a wonderful game to get kids mingling and talking to each other on the first day of school. This game needs a bit of pre-planning, and you’ll have to print clues and hide them around the room. Not only will this fun game help kids relax, but it’ll also help them note where key functional items are located. For example, the blackboard, the pencil sharpener etc. To make it more fun and interactive, you could also turn it into a “find someone game” rather than a “find something game.”
  2. Two truths and a lie: This is another fun and engaging ice breaker game to play with kids. Have all the children sit in a circle. Then ask one child to share three statements about themselves. Out of these statements, two should be true, and one should be false. The other kids get to guess or vote on which of the statements is false. Continue the game until each child gets a turn. This fun game also helps the kids get to know each other in a funny way.
  3. Never have I ever: This is one of the best games to have kids laughing and interacting with each other. You can hand a set of never have I ever questions for kids or just let them ask their own questions. The rules are simple; each child gets a set of stickers and says something they have not done before. The statement has to begin with “never have I ever”.  Whoever among the other kids has done it, puts a sticker on their arm. The game continues until each child gets to say what they haven’t done.
  4. Telephone: Telephone or Chinese whispers is another fun game to get the kids to relax in a group. Have the kids sit in a circle. Choose one child and whisper a message in their ear. It can be a sentence or a very short story. The child then whispers it to the player on their right, who also relays the message to the player on their right. The game continues until each child gets a turn to relay the message. Finally, ask the last child who heard the message to say it out loud and see how the final message differs from the original one.
  5. Marshmallow and spaghetti tower: Get the kids talking and having fun with this amazing game that is also great for team building. Divide the kids into 3 or 4 teams. Hand each team a pack of marshmallows, spaghetti sticks, tape and string. Then ask the kids to build the tallest marshmallow and spaghetti tower with the supplies in 15 minutes. This amazing game not only gets kids interacting, but it’s also a great STEAM challenge. It helps kids explore design processes like translating their thoughts into action, prototypes etc.

These activities help kids interact with each other openly and make friends easily. It also helps kids relax and de-stress when they’re in a group.