5 ways in which IVR can benefit your business in 2022

IVR service providers

The pandemic has changed how companies operate. They now allow their employees to work irrespective of their location and communicate with their customers 24×7.

Companies relied on IVR service providers and advanced technologies to streamline their call operations and make the business communication process more efficient to keep the business afloat. This trend will continue to grow this year. The IVR service is a technology companies have incorporated in their contact centers that provide better customer support. The service consists of pre-recorded messages and Text-To-Speech technology. It works on the DTMF input by the customers – pushing the numbers on the phone’s keypad that corresponds to the menu options.

Its benefits extend beyond the multi-level IVR, which we’ll talk about here in this blog. So, let’s discuss 5 ways how IVR services can help streamline businesses in 2022 and not forget to mention that it completely automates the communication process.

  1. Boost Brand Image: The IVR plays a considerable role in boosting a company’s brand image. Customers often perceive companies with an IVR system in their communication systems as big companies. The pre-recorded voice conveys the desired message to the consumers professionally. The streamlined customer support offers straightforward answers to the customers’ questions quickly. The whole communication process is organised and serves the customers better. It provides an enhanced call experience which creates a good impression on the consumers and strengthens the brand image. So, it’s best to contact an IVR service provider to get the solution.
  1. Concurrent Calls

The IVR services enable to handle large call volumes simultaneously. Companies often struggle to deal with the peak load with traditional systems. The customers on the other end are frustrated as they cannot connect or talk to the company representative. The customers might need simple guidance or straightforward answers to their queries that IVR can quickly answer most of the time. Companies can answer concurrent calls with a multi-level IVR, reduce the call center’s load and free up the agents to solve more complex customer queries.

  1.  Omnipresence

Customers prefer to get quick resolution and resolve their queries faster. It is possible only when a company is available 24×7. The IVR technology helps to be omnipresent for the customers as customers can use the self-help menus in the IVR system and resolve their queries. They need not talk to a live agent and get questions resolved independently. For instance, in the BFSI industry, customers can get their answers from the IVR, such as their credit card payment status, getting duplicate statements, knowing the credit card balance, etc. They can quickly get answers to all their questions and benefit from the company’s omnipresence.

4. Keep a tab on agent productivity.

Businesses have adopted the work from home model and encouraged the hybrid model. Some top companies have provided the facility of working from home permanently. The challenge is to monitor the employees’ efficiency levels irrespective of their locations. To ensure the workforce’s high productivity, they need technology that helps gauge employee performance. The IVR proves to be an efficient technology that will help know the agents’ productivity levels and choose the best training to upskill them by recording the conversations. In addition to this advantage, the data also lets the companies understand the customers’ preferences and provide goods and services that match their expectations. IVR service providers are offering this technology at favourable prices.

5. Faster Connectivity

One of the best methods to improve customer service and acquire more customers is to provide robust customer support. One of the critical elements of good customer service is faster connectivity. The software has a built-in call routing feature that optimises the call routes and quickly connects the customers to the agents. It automatically connects the free agents, increasing their productivity and providing faster client connectivity.


The IVR system provided by the IVR service providers has several built-in valuable features. IVR services are gradually becoming the future for companies and helping them improve customer services and reap more profits. Grab this technology from a reliable cloud communication provider like Knowlarity- India’s top IVR service provider. More than 6000 organisations have trusted Knowlarity for its impeccable range of cloud communication products. It offers the IVR number at budget-friendly prices.