A Complete Guide to Choose Right Chimney for Your Kitchen

Kitchen Chimney

Cooking in an Indian kitchen can be a messy affair, thanks to all the lip-smacking cuisines that involve tadkas and frying. Most Indian dishes involve a smokey process, use of ghee & oil, roasting on high heat, and so on, which makes our food desirable. We all fancy Chole Bhature, Dosas, Daal tadka, but what leaves us worried is the grease and stains that are left behind on the kitchen walls. But modern and smart houses that own Kitchen Chimneys don’t worry much about these petty things as the chimneys come to their rescue.  

In the last decade, the kitchen market has grown immensely and there is a range of products available at our disposal. Electric Chimney is one of them that has gained much fame among the households. Not just do they help your kitchen neat- but they also add elegance and style to your kitchen. 

There is a range of Best kaff chimneys available in the market, but the core functionality is mostly the same. Regardless, if you intend to purchase one, you must keep a close eye on a few important features and functionalities. When selecting one, factor elements such as filter type, suction power, mounting style, size, and so on.

What needs to be considered while buying a chimney?

You need to understand what goes best with your cooking habits and your kitchen space and style. Here are the aspects that need to be checked-

  1. ∙ Type of the kaff chimney
  2. ∙ chimney filter types
  3. ∙ Size of the chimney
  4. ∙ Speed 
  5. ∙ Noise 
  6. ∙ Budget 
  7. ∙ Maintenance 

Kitchen chimney- filter types

The kitchen chimney filters are usually of three types. The three classifications are-

1. Carbon filter

2. Cassette filter

3. Baffle filter 

1. Carbon filter

 The component of carbon filtration or charcoal filtration is black charcoal. The main objective of the Charcoal or Carbon filters is to absorb the stench in the kitchen that is caused by smoke and oil. Carbon filters should be replaced every six months since they gather oil and smoke debris. However, it is mostly determined by the cooking intensity.

2. Cassette filter

This type of filter is usually made and stocked with aluminum mesh. The oil particles, smoke clog inside the mesh and reduce the chimney’s suction power. Therefore, it should be cleaned every week. 

3. Baffle filter 

The baffle filter has many curved structures. It is mostly used in changing The Smoke’s Direction. Therefore, while cooking, the heavy smoke or cooking oil gets in the direction of the baffle filter. The baffle filters are especially good for Indian food as well as spicy food as it creates a lot of smoke and grease. It usually needs to be cleaned every 3 months. However, it again depends on the cooking habit and frequency. Additionally, baffle filters do not need much or frequent maintenance.  

It is advised to choose a chimney that does not need any frequent replacements or wash-offs. And, when you choose the right one, you will get the right performance benefits as well. 

The size of the chimney

It depends. There is a variety of kaff chimneys available in the market. However, you need to choose the one that fits your kitchen size. It is not convenient to go out of space by installing a large chimney in your small kitchen. On the other hand, do not get a small one, if you have a big kitchen. In that case, you would need a bigger one as the smoke tends to spread all over the place. 


It also varies. The chimneys available in the market vary from 3000 to 1, 00,000. Of course, the more you go up in the budget, the better one you can buy. However, it is not really hard to get a good one on a moderate budget as elica chimney price is extremely reasonable. 

Speed of the chimney

Chimneys with the basic features have a singular speed. However, the latest chimneys, these days, have multiple speed limits. Therefore, you can control the speed.


Chimneys make noise. It is the sound of the air circulation. Some chimneys make less noise and some make more. Additionally, there are a few chimneys available with silent kits, which is useful in a household where you have young children or old people, who can be disturbed by the loud noise.

Types of kitchen chimneys

There is more than one type of kitchen chimney available. However, what you need or what you would want depends on a variety of factors like hob, stove, cooking platform, location of the cooking spot, and many. Based on all these factors, you can get four categories of kaff chimneys available. 

  • ∙ Island chimney
  • ∙ Wall-mounted chimney
  • ∙ Corner chimney
  • ∙ Built-in chimney

Out of all these types, the corner chimney is quite rare to find in India. 

In a nutshell, you can choose your chimney based on these various factors. Determine what you need and find the best suit in online platforms like Bajaj Finserv Market as they offer everything you wish to buy. Payment can be facilitated easily, using UPI, Online Transfers, cash, as well, as EMI’s. Do not wish away your kitchen dreams; you can make them come true.