5 Easy and Affective Ways To lower Stress


Stress and depression are very common words nowadays. According to the report, around 33% of people feel extreme stress and 77% of people experience stress. Lower stress is also possible. However, the question is what is the feeling of stress. Stress is a feeling of tension emotionally and physically. It comes when you experience changes or challenges in your life. The thought can make you feel frustrated, nervous, and angry. 

Stress also comes in a positive way, it keeps us alert to avoid danger. For example, we can say when we face something serious, a stress response might help our body to work harder and we are alert for the situation. But continuing to feel stressed can be harmful. It can affect your body, mind, and behavior.

Stress signs and symptoms

When a person suffers from long-term stress. Their Physical, and mental symptoms developed. If you are experiencing any of these, you may suffer from stress.

Emotional symptoms of stress

  • Losing control, feeling overwhelmed.
  • Easily get angry, frustrated and moody.
  • Avoid others. Feel low, lonely, depressed and worthless.

Physical symptoms of stress

  • Aches and pains.
  • Trouble sleeping.
  • Weak immune system. Get cold and infections.
  • Dry mouth, clenched jaw and grinding teeth.
  • Low energy and headach

Simple ways to Relieve Stress

Getting relief from stress is not very easy but if you follow this simple process it becomes easier for you to get a stress-free life.

Physical activity

Many studies say that physical activity helps to keep us healthy to reduce stress levels and improve moods. Exercise increases our overall health. Our brain feels good neurotransmitters. Yoga is a very effective process for reducing stress. Exercise improves your sleep quality, and when a person sleeps properly they feel more fresh and energetic. Go for a walk, and do something which you enjoy. You can also get help from social media influencers who can guide you in a proper way. Ines de Ramonis a health coach and also a social media influencer. Just like her, there are so many influencers who can guide you.

Maintain a healthy diet

Many people make these mistakes when they feel sad, they don’t eat properly. They drink alcohol, and smoke which is really unhealthy behavior to manage stress. Try to maintain a healthy diet. Matcha powder is a popular green tea, swiss chard, kimchi, eggs, fatty fish, dark chocolate, warm milk, and garlic, these are beneficial for stress relief. The amount and quality of nutrition you take affect your emotion and mood. In a simple word we can say what you eat and drink, and how you feel. Your body and brain are connected to each other.

Watch movies

Movies bring us a sense of relief. Watching something interesting can give us pleasure. Comedy movies make people laugh which can lower your blood pressure and reduce stress. Our mind connects with other stories so we forget about our real-life problems. Flims help us to express feelings. Watching horror movies also makes us feel better. Streaming platforms are the best option for watching different movies. Amazon Prime, Netflix, disneyplus.com login/begin these are the top online streaming platforms. Where you can watch your favorite movies.


Stress and depression are very common experiences that most people feel. People deal with stress every day for work pressure, family issues, health issues, and financial problems. Long time stress is very serious problem. Try those things that we mentioned above and it will give you an amazing result. Otherwise, get professional help. Talk to your doctor about your feelings. Don’t ignore it. Otherwise, you face bigger problems. Take care of your physical and mental health. Because life is a precious thing