Are you a frequent flyer? Maybe a short massage at a spa is right for you.


Business travelers have to settle for a spa that lasts only a few minutes. Fortunately, it’s now easier than ever to get a little pampering, especially at spas located in business centers and hotels in bustling cities, seeking to capture this segment of stressed and time-pressed clients with quick treatments.

Spas have redesigned their offer and around 75% of them have express packages of less than half an hour, according to the International SPA Association (ISPA, for its acronym in English). That compares with 40% offering it a decade ago, according to Spa Finder, an online directory of spas that ranked express treatments among the top 10 trends for 2011.

“The trend really started to skyrocket in the last recession,” \ president of Spa Finder, as business travelers and spa-goers are watching their budgets.

“The number one reason people go to the spa is to relax and reduce stress.

 Taking flights and conducting meetings from the cell phone can trigger added stress for business travelers. An express treatment is the perfect alternative to help them regain their balance before going back to work,” says ISPA President Lynne Manes.

Express treatments go against the spa tradition of being pampered for hours on end for relaxation and renewal, but experts say it doesn’t mean the culture is radically changing, just that more people are accessing the benefits of holistic healing and wellness.

“We think the 90-minute treatments are more therapeutic and really do the job of de-stressing, but we see the absolute need for people to take a break, even if it’s only for half an hour or less. I don’t think this is changing the way spas work, they’re just adding more of this for those who are short on time,” says Shannon Hoffman, writer for online spa guide Healing Lifestyles & Spas.

In a 2008 study published in the Journal of Marketing Research,

Participants who received a massage with a 20-second break reported being happier than those who received a continuous massage. People enjoyed the massage more with the break, as it prevented them from getting too acclimated to the 출장마사지.

“Studies have shown that even an affordable 15-minute massage can reduce tension, stress and anxiety headaches. That’s not to mention that getting a 10-minute manicure at an airport spa can mean the difference between a polished business presentation.