Best Smoke Spots in Dust 2 : Methods to Win

Best Smoke Spots in Dust 2

Best Smoke Spots in Dust 2 : Xbox smoke is a great way to restrict enemies at a critical angle. However, to use this type of smoke, you must be near the mid doors. B door smoke can also be used in different ways depending on whether the enemy is advancing or not. Using the sky roof tunnel or the CT mid, you can also use smoke to restrict enemies at critical angles. Below are a few tips to get the most out of Xbox smoke.

Middle Doors

Best Smoke spots on Dust 2 are located near the wooden arch on the CT Spawn Entrance, which will allow you to see A Long split pushes. The T Spawn is also located above the middle doors. To use this smoke spot, you must crouch next to a half-wall and look slightly right of the wall in front. Then, when you are about to jump, let out the smoke.

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The Xbox from TSpawn is the best smoke spot in Dust 2, because it restricts the critical angle of the AWP, allowing them to safely cross the catwalk and tunnels without being seen. If you’re playing with a T Spawn, you can use it to push A sharp CT’s monitor from CT Mid. To perform the smoke throw while standing, make sure you’re facing the middle door.

The Pit is a popular venue on the Terrorist side. It is located near the A Ramp and CT Spawn, and blocks a CT’s angle to A. This smoke spot is also useful if you’re trying to establish a presence on the map and want to avoid enemy fire. Another smoke spot that you can use on Dust 2 is the Middle Doors, which will protect you from enemy fire and allow you to ambush your opponents from behind.

Ramp from B Main

The Ramp from B Main in Dust 2 is a short, one-way walkway that connects the A bombsite to the mid. Ts use the walkway to rush rounds and split A. The walkway is also used by the T spawn to see down to the mid doors. Once inside, the player can head down the ramp to the CT Spawn area. The Ramp from B Main is not the only shortcut to this spot.

The Ramp from B Site is an excellent place to do smoke throws. The smoke will block the Terrorists’ vision. The best place to do smoke throws is near the intersection of two dome-shaped structures. When aiming, align the crosshair with the center of the gap. Then, throw smoke onto the Terrorists and they will fall back down the ramp. You can also cover the A Site spot. To do this, stand on the first box and then aim your crosshair towards the corner of the tower behind A Short Ramp.

The map is updated in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The update to Dust 2 improved player readability and visuals. It also introduced improved cover options and fixed a silent drop-down bug. The new map also features updated textures and sounds. Once you’ve finished playing the new version of the game, make sure to check out the latest patches for the game. The changes are worth checking out! Just don’t forget to check out our new Dust 2 map!

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Underpass : Best Smoke Spots in Dust 2

If you’re looking for the best smoke spot in Dust 2, you’ve come to the right place. The underpass is one of the best smoke spots in the game. Players often flock to this area to get free kills, and the spawning CTs will often use this spot to scout for Ts. However, it’s important to note that this location is a target for AWP and M4A1-S.

This area is a popular spot for CT spawns, and if you’re looking to confuse all of them, the underpass is one of the best smoke spots in Dust 2. It also coordinates with the classic B Rush. A terrorist squad can spawn at the middle of the tunnel, toss a smoke grenade, and then ambush CTs as they come out of the smoke.

A Long’s corner is one of the best smoke spots in Dust 2 because it obstructs AWP. It’s also good for preventing CTs from guarding Long Doors. In Dust 2, you can also use a T Spawn to throw smoke. Start by crouching near the T spawn, then look slightly right towards the wall in front. Next, let the smoke out as you jump to reach the B window.


The best smoke spots in Dust 2 can be found in the first steps of the map. Players can perform a smoke throw from a wooden structure located on the platform. This spot is also known as the Palace Alley in the game. It is the first step in the game. Players must work together to create a working space for themselves and their teammates. They should also block the area with grenades from two sides.

The best spot to perform a smoke throw in Dust 2 is A Long’s corner, which disrupts the CTs that guard the Long Doors. When performing a smoke throw in Dust 2, the T Spawn should crouch adjacent to the half-wall in front and look slightly right. The smoke should escape from the wall as the player leaps up. This spot will help the player land on a level with a higher spawn rate.

The second best smoke spot in Dust 2 is the Ramp leading to the B Site. The player should align their crosshairs with the middle of the vertical gap. This spot will also block AWP and be a good place to clear enemies from the B window. However, the player should be aware of the stairs’ limitations and the smoke spots in the map. You can also use the Ramp in the Upper Tunnels as a smoke spot. The smoke throw will be most effective if you perform it with a teammate.

Ramp from CT Mid

The Ramp is the easiest way to get into B-Site, but you should know when to leave it and when to come back. It’s not a good idea to rotate every time someone crosses from Vent or drops to Secret, since enemies can wait for sound cues to catch lower players. Also, don’t rotate unless you’re in a gunfight with your teammates. Rotating out of the B-Site can also give you an advantage in the B-Site, since it can make it easier for your teammates to shoot. In view of Best Smoke Spots in Dust 2 to hide from death you can use this method.

The Ramp’s position is crucial on Nuke, and staying alive is the best way to get the most kills. But it’s also important to remember that life is more valuable than kills. As a solo position, you need to prioritize survival over kills, and multi-kill rounds should be rewarded for patience and smart play. It’s important to avoid scouting angles on the ramp, as it’s a common angle for enemies to scout tunnels.

When playing CT: Watching Long, you can watch the catwalk from the B side and make the most of the wide field of vision. You can also dive into B, while protecting your spawn from the CT. The B site is another excellent spot, as you can quickly fallback to your CT spawn. This is a good position for picking off enemies and getting into a safe spot. Aside from the Pit, CT: Watching A long is ideal when no one is watching the catwalk.

A Short

In order to maximize your chances of scoring, you need to make use of the best smoke spots in Dust 2. These places are essential for securing certain angles and spots, and they will also help you secure your positions. Smokes are very useful in T-Side games, especially for defending bomb sites. Smokes are the best way to maximize your value, so learn how to use them correctly.

One of the best smoke spots in Dust 2 is located near the connector to the underpass. You can smoke from there and rotate to the mid without getting detected. This spot is also good for stalling an aggressive push from the A-Site. Players can also use smoke to spawn CT, which can allow you to quickly stall an aggressive push. A short list of the best smoke spots in Dust 2 can be compiled below.

Once you’ve located a good smoke spot, you can use it to cover your teammates while they’re pushing you or to flank an enemy. Generally, smoke spots are located near the T side, so if you’re playing in this area, you should move towards the outside long. You can also use the first corner on the right after you pass the T spawn. Once you’ve mastered the best smoke spots, you can now take down your enemies and control them.

Long corner

The Dust 2 smoke spot is located opposite the left mid spot in the A Site. This smoke spot allows players to rotate from mid to B safely and allows players to stall aggressive pushes. This spot is best used when a team has two smoke clouds. This spot will help the team to prevent the A-Site from spawning CTs. It also allows players to stall an aggressive push from the A-Site.

This smoke spot can be easily accessed from the front side, and its multiple lineups make it possible to avoid revealing its location. But be careful – it will require some patience. Practice makes perfect and Dust 2 offers numerous smoke spots. To become a master of these spots, you need to know the right time to smoke them. If you have the patience to practice, you will find them easy to reach. So, practice makes perfect, right?

You can place the Dust 2 smoke spot near the wooden arch in the CT Spawn Entrance. While standing still, you can view the smoke spot and then aim for the corner of the tower behind the A Short Ramp. Once you have positioned yourself, you can perform a smoke throw while standing still and in Best Smoke Spots in Dust 2 you can use many more methods to find the smoke spots. The smoke throw will effectively subdue the Long push in Dust 2. Terrorists will be forced to turn and rotate to avoid the smoke, which will allow you to control the A-Site. Besides that, you can cover A Car spot on Dust 2 by looking to the left.