Every Bloodborne Boss in Order

Every Bloodborne Boss in Order

Every Bloodborne Boss in Order: It is unique in its design and unique mechanisms. They’re brutal, terrifying and definitely more powerful than you. They pose the greatest danger when it comes to advancing through the levels. They function as gatekeepers, standing in between your and getting to the next step.

The bosses in the game are constructed differently and can be encountered at different stages of the game. They also drop special items after defeat and make the remainder of the game more enjoyable as you progress.

Some bosses can be defeated and they don’t require you to defeat them to advance, but some are compulsory. Here’s the full list of all bosses in Bloodborne from the beginning to last order.

Bloodborne Bosses In Order

Cleric Beast

The Cleric Beast Cleric Beast is your first foe that you’ll meet in Bloodborne. Since this is the first time you’ve faced a boss it’ll be quite an uphill task to beat Cleric Beast. You can find him at the Great Bridge in Central Yharnam. He’s massive, quick and has a variety of maneuvers that could end your contemporary life if you are struck.

You must react quickly and counterattack whenever you have a chance, in order to take on this man. He has a few weak spots that you can use to do more damage. But you have to locate these weak points on your own. After you beat Cleric Beast in battle, he’ll deliver a special item referred to as Sword Hunter’s Badge.

Father Gascoigne

Father Gascoigne is a brutal killer who is equipped with a two-handed axe and gun. He is located at Oedon’s Tomb located in Central Yharnam. He can be extremely swift and could be very danger if he is within a few feet of you.

But, once the character transforms into his second appearance the speed increases and he is able to attack more quickly and causes chaos everywhere. The item he drops is known as the Oedon Tomb Key in the event of defeating him.

Vicar Amelia

Vicar Amelia within the Great Cathedral at Cathedral Ward. Vicar Amelia is a massive animal-like creature that performs pure melee strikes with her hands. She makes use of her hands that are large and long to strike at you, and sometimes , she will use both her hands to deliver powerfully on the ground, causing small shockwaves across the entire field.

The most annoying thing about Amelia is that Amelia is that when her health bar is lower than 50%, she’ll be able to escape from you, and utilize her self-healing ability. If she is using this power, she’ll stand still and give you an chance to strike a devastating strike. The body’s glow will be bright when she is using healing.

Because of her healing abilities It can be extremely difficult to defeat her in the beginning of the game. It is possible to bypass this boss if weak and then return when you are stronger. The boss will give you an item dubbed the Gold Amulet after you beat her.

Blood-starved Beast

This boss can be found in the church of the Good Chalice at the Old Yharnam. He is very creepy looking however he will not confront anyone unless you’re close to him and start to provoke him. His attacks are swift and he’s not afraid to attack you with his long , slender hands.

The guy also has a different kind of attack, where he begins to shoot poison out of his body. He gets more agile as it decreases his health. The poison attacks he unleashes are deadly, so having an antidote is always a great idea when you’re trying to battle him. He drops an item dubbed Pthumerian Chalice after defeat.

The Witch of Hemwick

You’ll meet the Witch in the Witch’s Abode in Hemwick Charnel Lane. The Witch does not fight on her own She will continually summon her henchmen in order to fight you. They aren’t fast, but they are able to deliver devastating punches if they manage to catch you.

The Witch is invisible most of the time and you’ll only be able to spot her when you’re close to her. One tip however, is that you’ll be able to find her in one or the other corner of your room. If you battle her for several minutes, you’ll realize that there are two of them.

They also begin summoning more minions when they’re depleted in health. It’s not necessary to worry about this after you’ve defeated both witches, their minions will vanish with them too. Rune Workshop Tool and Bloodshot Eyeball are the items that you can acquire after defeating the Witch. Additionally, you will be able to utilize runes once you have defeated her.

Darkbeast Pairl

There is Darkbeast Paarl within The Graveyard the Darkbeast at the Yahar’gul, which is the Unseen Village. He is enormous in addition, most all of his strikes contain lightning that causes the victim to suffer huge damage when struck.

The majority all of the time, his strikes are melee, and are easy to dodge. However, if he begins losing his HP, he’ll unleash massive lightning storms with every attack. These attacks are quite strong and could cause death when you’re not able to stop them at the right time. In the event of defeating him, you will gain access to different areas of the game. The item you can get known as the Spark Hunter Badge from this game.

Shadow of Yharnam

You’ll be fighting many bosses this time 3 bosses to be precise. They’re not particularly powerful but they are very frustrating. They are both mobile, but they’re distinct speeds, and it is easy to separate them.

Each of the three bosses has each their own abilities in addition to their strengths. One of them is a magician and the two others are swordsmen. They each have their own health bars and in the event that one of them is at poor health, they can transform and unleash more devastating attacks.

If you are able to defeat two of them the third boss is able to summon three snakeheads that will randomly attack you for devastating damage. If you can overcome all three enemies you’ll be rewarded with Forbidden Grave Lantern and Blood Rapture Rune.

Rom, The Vacuous Spider

The boss is located by jumping into the Moonside Lake located at Byrgenwerth. He can utilize a variety of impressive abilities and summon little spiders to take on you. They aren’t fast, but they can be quite powerful when one is able to hit you with an attack.

Once you’ve successfully made several strikes on your boss he’ll relax and transfer to another place. Once teleported, he’ll call his children to fight you. The baby will pursue you with relentless force being caught in the middle of them will only prolong the fight. Rom is also able to use various abilities including producing explosions, meteor showers or even advancing towards the player with his huge body. In the event of defeating this boss, he can bring you Kin Coldblood..

The One Reborn

Each boss of Bloodborne is scary and frightening and terrifying, but this one ranks high for me. You can spot him in the Yahar’Gul Chapelat the Yahar’Gul Unseen Village. The man pops out from the moon and starts his assault like a madman. He’s massive and has many legs and has a range of physical and magical abilities that can do a lot of harm if struck by these.

He’s very slow, however. If you’ve been playing for a while and possess an excellent grasp of the game, you’ll be able to almost avoid all his attacks. Also, he can shoot acid from his mouth if the player loses most all of his energy bar. It is possible to obtain an item known as the Yellow Backbone after defeating the boss.

Martyr Logarius

Logarius is a huge boss that uses magic as well as physical assaults. He is located on the highest point the hill of the Forsaken Cainhurst Castle. He has the long scythe along with an axe as weapons and wears the crown of his head.

This boss is quite skilled at fighting and utilizes numerous physical and magical techniques to harm you. When you continue to knock him down and inflicting more damage on him the attacks get more swift and unpredictable. But his magical attacks are ones that to be wary of since if the time comes for him to begin with magic, things could be disastrous for you.

He will drop an item called Crown of Illusions after your defeat. Also, you can get the access of Vilebloods and you become one members of the Vileblood yourself once you’ve defeated the boss.


Amygdala is a huge beast that has multiple arms. It is located in The Nightmare Frontier and can use a variety of attack. She is able to swing her arms in order to cause harm, leap and stomp at you and shoot lasers out of her head. She will also grab you when you get near her an extended duration. You can get Ailing Loran Chalice through taking on her.

Celestial Emissary

The Celestial Emissary is a group of alien-looking creatures which are seen in groups. They all have the identical HP pool and are located within the Upper Cathedral Ward. They have the same movements as well as attack pattern. They’ll pursue you until they come close to you, then raise their arms, which could harm you.

After a while after which a larger one of them is revealed that is more damaging in the event that you’re struck through his attacks. The stomping will also hit the ground and slam you if you are close enough to him. If their health declines rapidly, they will shoot arcane magic at you and will pursue you until the collision. You can get a Communion Rune if you defeat him.

Ebrietas The Daughter of the CosmosEvery Bloodborne Boss in Order

You will find Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos located within the Upper Cathedral Ward. She is huge in dimensions and is armed with a large number of tentacles she utilizes to fight. She is the boss last within the Upper Cathedral Ward. Her primary use is using her tentacles for swinging around and inflict injury. But, she also use magic at times.

Each of her attacks is extremely powerful. She is known to swing her tentacles often, and is extremely risky in the vicinity of her. She may also throw her head into the ground, causing devastating harm. You should stay clear of this at all cost. She also uses magic to unleash lasers on you, so you must keep an eye on that too. This boss’s reward is The Great Isz Chalice.

Micolash Host of the Nightmare

Micolash is extremely tricky and clever. Micolash is also extremely swift; at escaping at that, that is. But, he’s one of the toughest bosses that you will encounter in this game. He typically hides behind the mist of his magic , and summons subordinates to fight on his behalf. However, he is extremely dangerous if he decides to fight in real. The location of his residence is Middle the Morgo’s Loft.

The location where the fight is held is huge, so it’s necessary to move quite a lot. Micolash is a formidable boss that can make use of both physical and magical weapons. Micolash can build fog-like walls to block your vision, and summon skeletons and minions who fight on his behalf.

If he decides to fight real but he’s able to shoot tentacles out of his hands, and also cast magic, too. There is an item known as Mensis Cage after beating him. Additionally, you gain access to the upper level of Loft.

Mergo’s Wet Nurse

Mergo’s Wet Nurse is found in The Nightmare of Mensis. The nurse is huge and has several wings and arms that extend out from her back. It is not uncommon to hear crying babies in the background while you stand up to her.

The blades are long and connected to her arms. They don’t have a wide range, and typically is in one spot for long periods of duration. However, her attacks are extremely strong, making it difficult to get close to her. Also, she has the ability to create clones that take on you. A weapon known as One Third of Umbilical Cord is dropped after the opponent is defeated.

Gehrman The First Hunter

Gehrman is the ultimate boss of The final boss of Bloodborne game. He’s huge, brutal and the most formidable boss you’ll meet in the game. He is located in the graveyard at the end of Hunter’s Dream. He is armed with an scythe that is long as his primary weapon, but he also breaks it into pieces to use as blade. Sometimes, he will shoot at you using his weapon. As the boss at the end is a challenge. He can be difficult to handle.

Moon Presence (Optional)

This is a boss that is optional that is unlocked if you’ve got 3 Three Thirds of the Umbilical Cord. After you’ve killed Gehrman who is who is the First Hunter. If you see her on your screen then you’ve got three items and she’s the final boss.

As the ultimate boss is a good reason for her to provide you with a very difficult time. She typically employs her claws and tails to strike you. But, she does use certain magic attacks from time to time. Being hit by her magical attacks can cause you to cry as you’ll be unable to take advantage of any healing potion for a specific period of time. Try to avoid it when you notice it approaching.