Everything You Need to Know About Education Background Checks

Education Background Checks

The primary objective of making an education background check is to confirm a job applicant’s educational credentials. It helps employers check whether the applicant has attended the school or university they claim, including the degrees they possess, their attendance, and grades. In some cases, organisations carry out these checks to confirm is the applicant has the credentials needed to work in a particular field. 

How Long Does an Education Background Check Take?

Developing an in-house team for background checks requires substantial resources and infrastructure. Despite these resources, their expertise in the field cannot be guaranteed to have as much impact as professionals. This is due to the requirement of frequent manual intervention and the potential for producing inaccurate results. More importantly, the return does not complement the investment made in building the team. To aid this shortcoming, it is advised that companies partner with background verification services to use their AI-enabled technology and expertise to perform the due processes in a short period. 

Why is an Education Background Check Needed?

There are many reasons why education background checks are needed. The main one is to hire someone fit for the job. However, there is more to it. Some of these reasons are:

Identifying Lies Outlined in the Resume 

A lot of applicants tend to lie in their resumes. With the help of employee background verification companies, you can quickly eliminate these candidates. It can aid in making the shortlisting pool much smaller since people who lie would not be ideal for any workplace to begin with. 

Ensures you Hire a Qualified Person

By eliminating the people who do not pass their background check, you are left with people who have done the work in the respective field. As a result, you can rest assured that the person you hire has the credentials required to take on the workload of the field. It also reduces liability for the company because many perks offered by corporations are based on credentials. If someone faked data on their resume, then the company will likely be held responsible for any issues in areas like company insurance, etc. 

More Affordable and Saves Time

Many employers often skip background checks due to time and budget constraints. However, it is much more expensive to rectify mistakes due to a lack of background checks. Rehiring is a lengthy process; once you absorb someone into a role, it can be challenging to let them go and find another candidate. It leads to higher costs and more time wasted. By hiring professionals to cater to these matters, you can turnaround time and reduce operational costs by up to 70%.

Are Third-party Education Verification Services Helpful?

The DIY process can be cumbersome due to its time-consuming nature and hits operational efficiency. The most convenient and efficient thing to do is employ third-party education verification services. They have the necessary tools, technology, and databases to properly verify your applicants’ background. They usually do this using third-party services linked to several educational institutions. They can be beneficial as it saves you and your company time. In addition to this, you do not have to contact any institution and rely on their response. Verification services already have the contacts and take very little time to finish the process. 

What are the problems partnering with education verification companies can resolve?

Many people face challenges when they do not seek professional help for education verification and go the DIY route. Some of these include:

Verifying International Education

Verifying international education can be a challenge for many employers since they need to reach out to more people. This is easy for employee background verification services as they have a global database. However, many employers struggle to find connections that respond quickly to their inquiries using the DIY route. This can lead to many people getting away with lying on their resumes. 

Turnaround Time     

The lack of proper technology to carry out these processes can result in the verification taking an extended period to complete.  There is a significant decrease in turnaround time with very minimal intervention required with AI-enabled solutions. 

Diploma Mills

There is a phenomenon called diploma mills wherein people get fake degrees and certificates. They all have phony college or school names used on the documents. Professionals at education verification service companies are easy to spot because most of them have probably already come to their notice. However, for individuals who do not have expertise in this case, it can be a tricky thing to sort out. Hence, making the process of verification complex, you also check out free job alert here. 

Making sure you have quality employees builds a strong foundation for any workplace. That can only be achieved if you implement proper checks and balances. Education verification, and background verification at large, are some of the best ways to filter out dishonest people from your organization effectively. Invest in these services to use technologies that can help you do exactly that!