Flowering Plants That Should Be Placed In House According To Feng Shui

flowering plants

Feng shui is an old practice of looking at your surroundings and relating them to the natural world to harmonize everything around you. The flow of qi, or life force energy, is one of the most significant aspects of feng shui.

Morning Glory 

These beautiful summer early spring their bounty of bell-shaped blossoms in the early morning before the noon heat of summer, so it’s no wonder that they’ve acquired their distinction for cheering your day. Putting their seeds under your pillow promotes restful sleep free of nightmares.  


Peonies are a beautiful, delicate, and magnificent symbol of the spring season and optimism. According to the Chinese kingdom of flora, it is rightly referred to as “The King of Flowers,” and it comes in various vibrant colors. It has a dual-tone of red and yellow and is commonly employed in many sacred rites and customs. These magnificent flowers are auspicious blooms that should be placed in your garden or home in the southwest direction. Order flowers online as this magnificent blossom to life and save your faltering romantic life on a serious level.


 The beautiful yellow Chrysanthemum flower symbolizes happiness, cheerfulness, and enthusiasm. It is typically given to others. Buddhists use this flower to decorate their altars. It represented strong positivism, which is why it brings good luck at home. It should be put in the living room rather than the bedroom.

Cherry Blossoms 

The flower is the finest medicine for marriage, love, and passion in Feng Shui. It is one of the most vibrantly colored flowers that bloom on the branches of cheerful trees such as dogwood, peach, and apple. Cherry blossom blossoms are also thought to be beneficial to one’s health in the Chinese art of Feng Shui.  


Jasmine brings money and love into your home. High priestesses frequently wear jasmine flowers. Jasmine blooms open at night, which, in my opinion, makes them much cooler.


Sunflowers, according to legend, are the flower that gives good luck and symbolize devotion, passion, and truth. Its appearance is similar to that of the Sun, which represents spiritual knowledge, and thus it is known as a Sunflower. These lovely yellow blooms indicate deep loyalty because they always face the Sun. These blossoms bring joy and strengthen bonds with those they are given. It instills a strong sense of safety and happiness in our homes.

China Rose 

The buds and blossoms of the China Rose Flower are brewed into tea and soup, and it is also used as a cooking herb. People consume the thin fleshy section surrounding the seeds, either raw or cooked. Rose seeds are a high source of vitamin E and are crushed for cooking. Apart from food, these blooms are widely used in the perfume and cosmetics industries.


Among the gorgeous flowering plants, orchids play an important role other than decoration. They represent love, which calms the spirit and strengthens ties. According to Feng Shui, Orchids have the unique ability to bring best wishes and prosperity in love. Order orchid bouquets online as they link with fertility and vitality make it an excellent present for new parents, at least according to the Greeks.

Peace Lily 

The peace lily is a sight to behold that will leave you in awe of nature’s amazing beauty. While its striking contrast of rich green leaves and serene white blossoms has lovers worldwide, science has also recognized its air-purifying qualities. According to Vastu Shastra, this green should be kept near the bedroom window, where it might bring serenity, tranquillity, and good luck by fnp venues.