“Content is the emotional and informational bridge between the commerce and the consumer.”

Jay Baer

Creating great content that educates and informs is always the best marketing strategy. Content marketing is assigned a very responsible role to play in helping businesses to earn that leverage over other competitors. Content marketing is the strongest and hardest possible soft sell. Real-world examples have power to add legitimacy to your message. It clearly represents the gap between what the brands produce and what the consumers actually want. Therefore, content marketing is the only marketing that is left for the business fraternity to cash on, if they wish to survive in the long run. Content marketing is a strategy that revolves around building content for your brand using internet as the platform.

Recent research shows that there’s an increase in customer engagement for 72% marketers. Content marketing is developing and distributing relevant content or information for your brand through the web. The goal is simply to convey your brand’s expertise, showcase your company’s values towards customers. It also provides a consistency to your brand. Content marketing agencies in India have realised that the number of times you post is equally important as the quality of the content is, as it nurtures a long-term relationship with prospects and clients. As your company is willing to share knowledge and is interested in customers’ success as displayed by the content you produce, people will also be inclined towards your brand while making purchases.

Nowadays, anything that is deemed crucial is immediately quantified and is stated in numbers as the scores on the cricket board, your pulse on the machine or the sales any company has made in a given financial year. In order to get them aligned, there are 10 essential types of Content marketing, that could come handy while you decide on your next big business strategy.



Blogs offer a versatile platform for building brand awareness & customer engagement. It publishes all sorts of contents in a quick and easy way. Tools like WordPress come in handy and is also an economical way to deliver brand quality. The more elaborate & up-to-date your blog post is, the more it is likely to attract the right customers.


It is a nice way to put videos along with your blog posts to explain the content in a better way. An infographic comes in handy to show a complex idea to customers without having to rely on a lot of words to get it through.


Top digital marketing companiesstand by the fact that creating engaging  videos is hard to produce but generate the maximum results. After all people spend atleast 100 mins watching videos per day & 48% of them buy basis these videos.


These are long-form texts that do more than blog posts. Ebooks on popular subjects can generate great deal of interest & traffic for the product or service. It also helps companies to easily navigate the nurturing process, providing customers what they really want to engage in.


In case studies, your company shows how its expertise has already been used to help other businesses & hence, gain a great opportunity to make sure your prospects understand what & how it is done, thus validating your credibility.


Customers love free tools, that’s what checklist is all about. This can be used in order to make sure your customers are following the right steps to reach their goals & proves to be a great feature to be on your website.


These are an economical way to increase the amount of content you have on your website. It saves you those extra dollars spent on copywriting or a designer for making infographics for you.


Nowadays, content creation is all about partnering with an influencer that has everything to do with your brand to generate leads. That’s because influencer marketing borrows the trust built by individuals in order to make your brand shine. And that’s the reason why leading SEO agencies in Gurgaon have utilized this clever strategy.


Guides and how-to’s are successful ways to increase your brand presence on the internet & engage your audience in your brand. They are quick posts where your business shares knowledge with customers on specific topics.


We agree content marketing is a serious business as your brand is involved, but there’s no reason why you can’t have fun with your content marketing strategies. memes are a quick way to communicate your intentions as they’re shareable ideas as that’s why they work.

In today’s business world, there is a seemingly infinite ways to use content to promote a brand. Content marketing has become more of a necessity. So, don’t be shy of your initial numbers as they tend to grow over time & only indicator of the potential of content marketing for your brand. If you want your business to stand out in an overcrowded marketplace, providing engaging and value-driven content is essential. Hence, businesses need to invest good time and effort to make this big decision, depending upon which type of content marketing is best suited to their business goal.