Guide to Gunslinger Advanced Class in Lost Ark

Gunslinger Advanced Class in Lost Ark

Guide to Gunslinger Advanced Class in Lost Ark: The Gunner class is among the most popular subclasses of Lost Ark to play. They are a favorite among players because of their impressive damage and attack ranges. You can select from 4 Advanced types of the Gunner class. They include:

  1. Gunslinger
  2. Artillerist
  3. Deadeye
  4. Sharpshooter

Female characters are the sole female ones in the subclasses mentioned is Gunslinger. The guide below will go over Gunslinger’s strengths as well as weaknesses along with the building options for PvP and PvE content.

Gunslinger Subclass in Lost Ark

This Gunslinger subclass is among the most enjoyable classes to choose from, but it is also difficult to play simultaneously. Gunslinger is the fastest characters of Lost Ark with a range of weapons she can choose from.

Gunslinger is equipped with 3 weapons i.e., Dual Pistols, Rifle as well as Shotgun. Dual pistols can deal some serious damage to enemies when they are at mid-range, while Rifle is designed for damage over a long distance, and Shotgun is used for close-combat damage taking.

It is possible to swap the weapons in battle depending on your needs. We will now discuss the characteristics of this subclass and how it’s one of the most difficult to play as characters within Lost Ark.

Stats of Gunslinger Subclass

As we’ve already said the Gunners class is filled with characters that have an abundance in damage. In addition, the Gunslinger isn’t an the only one. The Gunslinger is equipped with AoE capabilitiesto remove a large number of enemies in one go. Additionally, she has massive explosion damage.

You don’t have to worry about any damage occurring within this class.

This is one of the most flexible and class found in Lost Ark. Thus, avoiding attacks and maximizing the mobility of your character is effortless. Additionally the speed of attack for this class is fantastic. It will hit your enemies swiftly and with high damage.

As mentioned earlier as mentioned earlier, it is true that the range you can expect to gain with this subclass is massive. If you are able to keep yourself away from enemies and their attacks it will be possible to harm them without becoming hurt.

However, with the high amount of damage, speed of movement and attack speed, you’ll get low defense statistics.

This subclass is very soft. If you are unable to correctly place yourself in a position and avoid attacks, you’ll become a very easy target. The weapon also isn’t equipped with shielding abilitieslike Artillerist.

It is important to get familiar with the capabilities of this subclass, so that you know how to properly place yourself. You will need to have a quick response to block attacks. There is the option to switch three weapons, but you’ll need the Identity gauge therefore, you have to look out for it, too.

These are the main reasons why this subclass may be difficult for you. Now, let’s review the pros and cons that this particular subclass has to offer.

Pros and Cons of Gunslinger Subclass

The subclasses of Lost Ark are flawless. It is necessary to compromise certain statistics to gain the other stats you desire. These are the advantages and disadvantages to Gunslingers. Gunslinger subclass:Pros:

  • High Movement Speed and Agility
  • AoE attacks, massive bursts damage
  • Long Range
  • Three different weapons to provide different damage and range
  • Great Attack Speed


  • The game is challenging for beginners players.
  • Learning to position and switching weapons can take some time
  • Great Attack Speed

This class is quite great for both PvP and PvE. We can’t say PvP is superior or PvE is superior. Therefore, if you choose to play this class, you will enjoy your time playing both the content.

If you are not concerned with the weaknesses or cons that this class has, it is a blast to play and you’ll never look back once you have played this class.

Skills of Gunslinger

Because it is the case that there are 3 weapons included in this subclass There are skills that go to all three weapons. There are 21 skills that are normal and 2 Ultimate/Awakening Skills that are applicable to this subclass.

The process of acquiring skills can be difficult for this subclass. When you switch between weapons you are not able to use the abilities designed for a different weapon. Therefore, you must acquire specific skills for the weapon.

For Pistols you can equip eight skills, and in each Rifle and Shotgun you have the option of equipping four skills.

As with other subclasses there is only one awakening skill that could be equipped.

Identity Skills

This subclass doesn’t have any type of identity skill. You can however claim that this class’s identity skill is the ability to switch weapons. There are three weapons in your skill list in the lower part of your list.

However, there is a cooling down for weapons skills. If all the skills are at a point of cooldown, then you are not able to utilize the weapon. Therefore, it is important to be aware of that. Apart from that there’s nothing else to it.

Engravings for Gunslinger

Like every subclass like every other subclass Lost Ark, there are two engravings of the class for this particular subclass. The two subclasses you choose will determine the game’s playstyle.

These engravings can boost any two weapons’ ability to stance massively. Thus, picking one of these engravings will bring your single weapon ability to stance backwards.

For more details on engravings, check out our guide on engravings of Lost Ark.

The engravings of two classes are:

  1. Peacemaker
  2. Time to Hunt

Peacemaker Playstyle

If you select Peacemaker engraving the speed of your attack on Pistols ability to stance and the critical speed of Shotguns stance skills will increase. If you are using the Rifle stance, damage will be increased.

In this style of play it is likely that you will use Shotgun and Rifle for the majority of the time because their damage is high. Pistols are used when the other weapons are on the process of cooling down. The necessary stats to play this style are Crit, Specialization and Swiftness with the ratio 60/20/20.

Recommendations for Skills for PvE as well as PvP.

In this class, there is no recommended different skill build for PvE or PvP. The following skills will make your content effortless to use.

  1. Quick Step
  2. Target Down
  3. Sharpshooter
  4. Shotgun Rapid Fire
  5. Spiral Tracker
  6. Dexterous Shot
  7. Somersault Shot
  8. Equilibrium
  9. Focused Shot
  10. Peacemaker
  11. Perfect Shot
  12. AT02 Grenade
  13. Last Request
  14. Catastrophe
  15. Bullet Rain
  16. Dual Buckshot
  17. High Caliber HE Bullet

They are Engravings that you must buy.

  1. Peacemaker
  2. Grudge
  3. Keen Blunt Weapon
  4. Cursed Doll
  5. Spirit Absorption
  6. Hit Master
  7. Adrenaline

The Skills that are recommended for PvE as well as PvP.

It is recommended to equip yourself with these abilities of Pistols as well as Rifles only.

  1. Quick Step
  2. Target Down
  3. Catastrophe
  4. AT02 Grenade
  5. Spiral Tracker
  6. Bullet Rain
  7. Equilibrium
  8. Focused Shot
  9. Peacekeeper
  10. Perfect Shot
  11. Dexterous Shot
  12. Death Fire
  13. High Caliber HE Bullet

This is the Engraving you need for your Time to Hunt Playstyle:

  1. Time to Hunt
  2. Grudge
  3. Keen Blunt Weapon
  4. Hit Master
  5. Cursed Doll
  6. Adrenaline

These are the two different playstyles and stats Gunslinger Advanced Class offers. For PvP You should always choose the Peacemaker Playstyle. But for PvE, you can try any of the Playstyles.