Health Benefits of Owning a Swing Set


Swing sets are fun! But did you know they can be actually best for your health as well? If you’ve been considering buying a swing swing and slide set, then you’ll want to look at these 5 great explanations why this will be a healthy purchase choice for you and your family.

Health Benefit #1: Move It, Move It!

The sad the truth is that kids nowadays don’t prefer to “move it” at all. In fact, in our technology-crazed society, it can be hard to get kids up from the couch, aside from outside and active. A recently available Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study showed that childhood obesity has doubled in young children and tripled in adolescents within the last three decades. The lesson is clear: kids need to get up and move.

Based on the CDC, children desire a the least one hour of exercise each day. Getting them moving, jumping, playing, climbing, sprinting, and swinging independently swing set is the simplest way to make this necessary exercise session fly by! Swinging in particular exercises joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons all at exactly the same time for a full body workout.

Health Benefit #2: Being in the Great Outdoors

Getting kids outside in the fresh air and bright sunlight is ideal for them. According to the ScienceDirect research, being outside for long periods of time boosts your immune system, calms your overly-active brain, lifts your present outlook and mental health, generates more positivity, and lowers levels of stress and cases of depression. Actually, playing outdoors in nature may also boost creativeness and focus, so can get on board this natural mood-enhancer and boost your kids’ self-esteems the healthy way.

Health Benefit #3: Learning Life Skills

Whether they are playing in an organization or waiting their turn in line, kids learn a huge amount of life skills on their wooden swing sets. These skills will help them in the foreseeable future, from interpersonal office skills to parenting techniques. When playing in a group, children learn essential skills such as cooperative play, compromise, fair play, and teamwork. They exercise their social skills and develop better communication skills by working through situations which come up during this playtime.

Even if a child doesn’t want to socialize, they can learn patience, turn-taking, and personal boundaries skills by navigating these lessons out on the swings.

Health Benefit #4: Motor Coordination & Other Physical Skills

Playing on playground equipment isn’t just fun, it’s educational! Actually, Scholastic discovered that children who play on jungle gyms have better perceptual skills, spatial awareness, sensory integration, and vestibular (i.e. balance) development. These kids are also generally healthier, are better at sports, have finer hand-eye coordination, and maintain more powerful mental representation than kids who don’t play on outdoor playsets. Those are some amazing skills you can provide your children just by letting them play!

Health Benefit #5: Parents’ Health & HEALTH

Parents actually gain health advantages from owning a swing set as well, such as the following:

When you have a playset in your backyard, your children are constantly occupied and having a great time. There exists less stress from needing to “find something to do” because they are entertaining themselves.
By the end of your day, you can find less of any fight to visit sleep because kids have released their energy via a healthy outlet.
When the house is quiet, and the kids are in bed, it is possible to get a swing too! Swings are being used in SIT remedy to help relax children with developmental issues. But parents can also take a seat on their swings and allow stress fly away.
Remember, the healthier your children are, the happier they’ll be as well. So care for their mental, emotional, and physical well being all in one shot with an invigorating outdoor playhouse or swing set, and leave the door to imagination and health widely open!