Here Is All You Need To Know Before Using Paper Folding Machines

paper folding machines

At big organizations, a huge number of documents need to be folded each week, which is costly and requires a considerable amount of time. Paper folding machines are meant to solve this problem, and as the name suggests, they have the feature of automatically folding papers.

By using the paper folding machines, you can easily handle and deal with many documents and papers simultaneously. Using these machines, you can also send out the documents speedily, cutting down your investment and time. Read on further to know more about

Types of Paper Folding Machines To Know About:

  1. Air or Vacuum Fed Folding Machines- You would need this kind when you would go for folding glossy, slippery or high-volume stock of sheets. Papers are picked up by the air suction mechanism hence the name. Though they are much more costly than any other type of paper folding machines, they are durable and are perfect for high volume use. Unlike friction folding machines, they do not slip while working on glossy sheets.
  2. Friction Feed Paper Folding Machines- These machines must be set up manually. Output trays are present inside the conveyor in some machines.
  3. Automatic Paper Folding Machines- It has an electronic board to choose the size and type of fold you require. This machine is perfect when multiple users are using one machine and when you are trying to go for different fold types.

Types of Folds That Paper Folding Machines Use:

As per the requirement of the user, a paper folding machine can make (according to its specs) different types of folds, which are as follows:

  1. Letter fold– This type of paper fold is trifold in nature.
  2. Half fold- Next comes half fold which is the most common type of fold that a folding machine makes.
  3. Tiny sized folds– Specialty folding machines are required to make very small folds. These folds are usually used to write down instructions and guidelines on small packages. This speciality folding machine has an inbuilt special fold plate kit in it.
  4. Cross folding type– Cross folding is when the paper is folded one way, and then the paper is put back through from the side to fold it in another second direction. There are few machines available in the market that can perform cross folding.
  5. Baronial fold – A baronial foldis known to be acomplicated and rare paper fold generally used for folding maps and cartography.

Helpful Tips To Choose Paper Folding Machines:

When planning to buy paper folding machines, there are certain important factors that you need to take care of. Read on to know further.

  • For 800 or less sheets per month- Light duty folding machines are required if you use them for folding brochures and flyers. Don’t go for this machine if you want to fold letters and checks, as you would need to reprint them if a jam occurs.
  • For 20000 or less sheets per month- Go for the medium-duty paper folding machine in this case.
  • For 150000 or less sheets per month- A friction-feed paper folding machine which is heavy duty in nature is required to fold 150000 or a bit lesser number of sheets per month.
  • 150000 or more sheets per month- Air or vacuum fed folding machine is required to fold such a huge load of sheets per month.

Conclusion So, this was all about what you needed to know to have a clear idea about your exact requirement and go for the best quality paper folding machines that best suits your purpose and requirements.