How To Make An Interactive Video? Helpful Tips


That online video has experienced impressive growth in recent years is no secret to anyone. However, the formats that we can see are not only limited to linear video and with closed development, but more and more companies are betting on the creation of interaction video. Multimedia content capable of reading, interpreting and responding to the actions of the viewer-user. In short, a video that makes the viewer participate in the process of consuming audiovisual content. In it, all the elements come to life and the will of the viewer comes into play, offering options beyond the reach of traditional videos.

And best of all, we have a wide variety of resources and tools to create interaction video that will help us give our videos greater impact. With the advantage that most of them are free.

However, you should know that there are many ways to interact with a video and that each one of them, or even the combination of several of them, has a different purpose.

Some of the types of interaction video that can be created are for example:

Video Choice: this is a format that breaks with the narrative linearity of classic videos. Throughout it, one or several options are proposed and, depending on the user’s choice, the story changes.

Video Catcher: is a hybrid format between video and game. Thanks to it, we can turn an ad into an addictive game that invites us to repeat the experience over and over again.

Video Commerce: the 6streams becomes an online store. The products that appear are marked with labels that display more information about them or a button where they can be purchased directly without leaving the video.

Video Learning: this format is designed to transmit knowledge visually. An evolution of tutorials and demonstration videos.

Video Quiz: it is a perfect format to collect user opinions and preferences regarding content, products, brand, etc. The video includes questions that can condition the content, showing different options based on the viewer’s choices.

How to make an interactive video? What features to take into account


The simpler the video, the better. The ideal is to present it in the form of advice through short sequences that indicate the steps to do something. And it is that this type of videos is the ones that work best on YouTube.

Segment your target audience

Determining who the audience we are going to address is essential to be successful. Once we are clear about who our audience is, we can better focus their attention.

 Shorter and more interactive

The shorter a video, the more effective it is, and the more interactive, the more impactful. The goal is for the video to encourage participation in the development of the campaign. It is recommended to use videos inserted in the player, which are seen more than those included in a banner. YouTube offers different tools to provide videos with greater interactivity.

Include games

Technology is essential for advertisers to be able to combine their messages and have more options when carrying out an advertising campaign. Thanks to the slope unblocked games, questions and quizzes, the user can interact with the brand, which increases the effectiveness of the video. Of course, the creative component is of vital importance.