How to Make Polymer in ARK

How to Make Polymer in ARK

How to Make Polymer in ARK: One of the most important pieces of knowledge in ARK is how to get crafting materials. Polymer is the base of any machine, weapon or base that you create.

There are so many ways to collect wild animals and use them in different ways, so it is important to be able to comprehend each one.

What is Polymer in Ark

Polymer is a light material that can be heat treated to make it pliable. You can form it into many different types of casings once it is flexible.

Polymer is used to make more powerful weapons, machines, or armor. It’s easy to make, but not necessary at the very beginning.

How to Make Polymer in ARK

You can either make or gather polymer in the ARK, depending on which one is more difficult for you. The standard item you create is made of one type of polymer. You can also obtain organic polymers from certain animals.

Every recipe can use any type of polymer. Crafted polymer has the advantage of being able to stack 100 together and doesn’t spoil. Organic polymer can spoil, but you can only stack 20 pieces in your inventory.

Making polymer

You must unlock the level 48 polymer engram before you can make polymer using the Fabricator. If the engram remains locked, you won’t be able to make it.

  1. You should have 2 obsidians in your inventory.
  2. In your inventory, place 2 cementing pastes or achatina powders.
  3. To open the Radial Menu, look at the Fabricator.
  4. Select Access Inventory
  5. Drag the cementing and obsidian pastes or achatina into the Fabricator’s inventory.
  6. Right-click the polymer engram in the Fabricator. You can search for polymer using the search menu at top if you don’t find it immediately.
  7. Choose Craft One.
  8. Once crafting is completed, you can drag the polymer from your inventory.

Finding the right materials to make polymer is one of the most difficult parts of the process. In the starter zones, achatina, cementing paste and obsidian are not always easy to find model.

Gathering Obsidian

Obsidian can be mined using a metal pick. These deposits look like black, shiny rocks.

Obsidian can be found in volcanic areas or high on maps. Scorched Earth If you are looking for obsidian, check out the caves

Ankylosaur or magmasaur can also harvest a lot of obsidian quickly. You can carry more obsidian home with them than you could if you were to do it yourself.

Darkerosteus can also have a 75% weight reduction for obsidian. To bring more obsidian home, you could bring a harvesting horse and pass it to the dunk. Obsidian can also be reduced in weight by the argentavis or ravager.

Gathering Cementing Paste and Achatina Paste

To make polymer, you can use either cementing paste or achatina. You will end up with the same result regardless of which method you use.

There are many ways to make cement paste.

  • To get the treasures inside, you need to open a huge beaver dam. You should be prepared to flee fast as the beavers will attack you if you open their dams.
  • To make cementing paste, you can add four chitins, keratin or shell fragments. Level 13 unlocks the engram.
  • The tamed beezlebufo, which is a tamed beetlebufo, can make cementing paste by eating insects. Although they don’t look all that exciting, they are one of most useful tames within ARK.

People often make achatina paste by mixing sweet potato cake with achatinas. You can still collect the paste and use it in your recipes.

Flying one of my tames over an area with achatinas is another way I like to collect achatina paste. My pteranodon is used to pick them up and I fly them back home, where I have made a stone enclosure. This allows me to keep them from being too aggressive and gives me the option to grab their achatina paste.

The success of this method varies as they can sometimes despawn because they aren’t tame. While you are playing, this is a fast and easy way for you to obtain achatina paste, before you have access sweet vegetable cake.

How to obtain Organic Polymer

Organic polymer may not be as popular as standard polymer because it spoils. It’s easy to obtain and doesn’t need to be made. There are many ways to get it.

  • Kill a mantis, hesperornis or karkinos. You can then take their bodies and make organic polymer from them once they are dead. You’ll get more organic plasticmer if you use a knife or a club made of wood. The same results are obtained with a pelagornis or sabertooth as with a chainsaw.
  • You can find white plants with bulb on Valguero and Aberration. You can harvest them by hand, and if you do so, you can obtain organic polymer.
  • Kill a deathworm to check its inventory. These creatures can be used to make organic polymer drops.
  • There are ichthyosaurus corpses on Valguero’s beaches. They spawn as corpses and are dead when you get there. These can also be harvested for organic polymer.
  • The organic polymer produced by achatinas tamed is also called achatina paste.

It is better to wait until you are ready to use the organic plasticizer before you collect it. It spoils quickly so you should take it back to your base immediately and use it in any recipe that you choose.


A fabricator is required to make polymer. Level 48 unlocks the engram required to make it. You must have gasoline in your inventory to run it.

These are the essential items needed to be a fabricator:

  • You can add your own content…35 scrap metal ingots. Both work and there’s no advantage to one.
  • 50 Sparkpowder
  • 15 crystal or primal. Both work the same as ingots.
  • 10 oils
  • 20 cementing paste, achatina paste

The fabricator uses one gallon of gasoline every 15 minutes when you add it to its tank. Even if you only use the fabricator for a minute, it will continue to use the gasoline in its inventory. The fabricator can be turned off to eliminate any gas it is using. You might consider storing your fuel somewhere else and only adding the fuel when crafting is required.

Use old items to make polymer

Later in the game, you can also make polymer using the industrial grinder. To make an industrial grinder, you will need to have collected polymer. However, destroying certain items in the grinder will give you polymer if you are in a pinch or require it immediately.

You need to grind items with polymer base components in order to get organic polymer out of an industrial grinder. It doesn’t really matter if you used organic polymer or crafted polymer when making the item. You will only receive organic polymer.

Uses of Polymer

Each polymer sheet weighs 0.25 lbs. You will need to craft each polymer sheet in two seconds. To create it, you’ll get 2.24 crafting XP.

Polymer has so many uses that it is worth the effort to craft and stockpile.

To create:

  • GPS
  • Soap
  • Gas Mask
  • Canteen
  • SCUBA gear
  • Tek armor
  • Megalodon saddle
  • Behemoth gateway
  • Machines for industrial use, such as the cooker, forge and grinder
  • Vault
  • Assault rifle
  • Auto turret
  • Rocket launcher

Polymer making will allow you to move up the ranks in ARK weapons, armor and other devices. Once you know the basics, it is easy to build your stockpiles and keep enough for when you need them