How toll-free numbers helped Businesses during the COVID-19 crisis

toll-free numbers

As per a HubSpot study, 93% of customers are more likely to buy from companies that provide exceptional customer service. As a result, customer support is the feature of effective organisations since it distinguishes your brand from the competition.

Your business is secured on both frontiers with a toll-free number, ensuring round-the-clock service and allowing for seamless connection with every caller.

Companies’ flexibility and communications become critical in the COVID-19 situation since they generate customer confidence. While all business sectors must build trust and remain connected with their consumers, it is more important to select businesses in instances like the COVID-19-crisis.

Before you can learn more about the businesses that have profited directly from toll-free number service during the global financial crisis, you must first understand the service, how this all works, and the opportunities it brings.

Table of content

  • Easy digital transaction
  • Online buying and delivery
  • Access to health care facilities
  • Easily access to governments guidelines
  • Hassle-free on-demand service

Despite the many obstacles that the pandemic has brought, it may also be seen as a period of opportunity. It all comes down to having the appropriate mindset and executing the correct approach. Toll-free numbers have proven to be a lifesaver for certain businesses.

  1. Easy digital transaction

Toll-free numbers have been critical in keeping financial activities running during the crisis. Clients who were originally hesitant about digital transactions were tremendously helped by the customer service representatives available 24/7. Callers could inquire about their balances, send money, make payments, and obtain answers to their inquiries by dialling a specialised toll-free phone number provided by the bank.

  1. Online buying and delivery

Because many retail firms had to close due to the crisis, they shifted to e-commerce. They continued to place a premium on online buying and delivery to compensate for lower foot traffic in physical locations. To accommodate the rising client base and demands during the catastrophe, e-commerce enterprises rely heavily on toll-free numbers.

With these facilities in place, they can handle hundreds of inquiries about purchases, finances, transactions, and offers while still maintaining caller happiness.

  1. Access to health care facilities

With digital healthcare growing increasingly popular, this area has relied heavily on toll-free numbers to provide support and services to customers (even those calling just out of the fear of the virus). The lines allowed support professionals to be available 24/7 while ensuring that patients stayed at home until they needed face-to-face checks or hospital treatment.

In addition to telehealth services, such lines were critical in providing psychological and emotional assistance in the face of severe self-isolation and quarantine.

  1. Easy access to governments guidelines

During the COVID-19 era, these suppliers significantly benefited the government sector. They’ve put money into dedicated public helplines so that ordinary people may get answers to their questions and concerns during difficult times. Toll-free numbers have pushed every bit of knowledge to the fingers of COVID-19 sufferers, as well as those seeking knowledge on trips or competitive tests.

  1. Hassle-free on-demand service

On-demand services, including car services, food delivery enterprises, household, and personal services, prescription delivery services, and more, have benefited from toll-free numbers in India. The company’s whole business model is dependent on a telephone network, and toll-free numbers have been their lifeline throughout the crisis.

Toll-free services have become a vital part of any business, and it helps the client get additional information from the brands.


For businesses that rely primarily on customer support to keep solvent, toll-free numbers have provided a foundation for contingency planning programs. While companies in these industries will require these figures even more in the new baseline, others can improve their help and resources. Even when you incorporate the service into your day-to-day activities, you must carefully select the provider and choose the right supplier for your company.

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