What are the Job Opportunities and Salary in Digital Marketing In India in 2022 | Demand, Career and Scope

Job opportunities and salary on digital marketing

Digital marketing completely changes the old trend of traditional marketing. Every small and big enterprise can gain more customers through digital marketing. However, it helps to reach every corner of the world significantly less time. Thus the demand for digital marketing is gradually increasing.  As a result, firms use digital marketing tendencies to promote their brand worldwide. Also, the salary in digital marketing is considerably significant. So, having a career in digital marketing can be a good option.

Customer preferences and requirements have shifted in recent years. Customers’ responsiveness and involvement have risen due to digital marketing techniques.

So, there are many jobs in digital marketing since companies understand how digital marketing can boost their online presence and drive sales.

This blog will discuss the top job opportunities and salaries in digital marketing in India and discuss the demand and career scope in digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

In digital marketing, various digital media are used to promote the business. Some digital Media like search engines, social media, emails, and mobile apps are used in this process.

However, by using all the above digital platforms, every business promotes its products and services. It helps the company to get more leads and customers. Alternatively, digital marketing helps all organizations to income more profit. Undoubtedly youths get better placement and job opportunities through digital marketing. 

Different Scopes of Digital Marketing in India

Nowadays, every industry adopts digital marketing to promote its goods and services. India also adopts this to earn more profit. 

In recent years, India has gained tremendous profit due to digital marketing. Almost every company uses digital platforms to boost its business. Besides this, people also get many job opportunities for digital marketing.

However, many companies in India create brand awareness due to digital marketing. As more people spend their time on Internet, thus it is easy to attract them towards the business through digital marketing. Expect this it helps to get potential customer world-wide.

Also, the salary in digital marketing is good, and hence people from various backgrounds are choosing this profession. In India, many Digital Marketing firms assist businesses with their marketing initiatives, and the boom of digital advertisements is primarily due to these Digital Marketing firms.

Different Job Designation and Their Salary in Digital Marketing

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Executive

The main aim of SEO executives is to get more traffic to the website. It is the best digital marketing option with excellent analytical skills. Primarily an SEO executive uses various methods to gain more traffic and provide a great rank to the website. However, SEO executives focus on keyword research, link building, and avoiding content repetition. Although one needs to have good knowledge of front end development services too while working with websites.

Moreover, a fresher SEO executive can earn two to 3 lakhs per annum in India. Besides this, if you have experience, you get a minimum of four to six lakh annual salary. However, you can also get the chance to join abord companies with a massive amount of compensation—even your salary increase with your experience every year. 

2. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Analyst

In 2022 and the future, one of the trendiest digital marketing jobs will be the pay-per-click analyst. However, a PPC analyst must have a campaign running knowledge. A PPC analyst helps the organization by giving more potential customers through ads. The analyst makes solid campaign ideas that generate more leads in this job. Thus an organization earns more profit by spending less money. 

Thus the fresher gets two to four lakhs per year, and the experience holder gets four to six lakhs. Besides this, it enhances the creativity of a person. So, it is the preferable career option for students.

3. Social Media Executive

In present days, social media is also, use to promote the business. A company’s total social media marketing is designed and executed by Social Media Marketing Expert. Moreover, a social media executive can earn an average of two to three lakhs per year in India.

An SMM Specialist’s average salary with fewer than four years of experience is ₹340,924.

4. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Specialist

Mainly a search engine marketing expert who works in the paid advertisements area. However, an SEM expert helps display all the advertisements to get more potential customers. A person with good analytical skills can be select this for his career.

SEM is a broad phrase that refers to any activity to improve website search outcomes via a search engine, and it isn’t just restricted to advertisements.

A search engine marketing expert gets 6 lakh and above per year with experience. Similarly, a fresher can get approximately 2,80,000 annually in India.

5. Digital Marketing Expert

A digital marketing expert represents the company in the online platforms—however, the entire online presence of the company, designed by the digital marketing expert. A person with good creativity and managing skill can join a company’s digital marketing executive job.

The demand for this job is very high. Thus you can get six lakhs to eight lakhs per annum with 2-3 years experience in digital marketing. However, a fresher also receives a minimum of five lakhs per annum for this post. 

6. Content Marketing Manager

Generally, a content marketing manager needs more creative skills because content is essential for digital marketing. The main aim of the content marketing manager is to create new and innovative contents that help promote the business. Except this, a content marketing manager must have good writing and communication skill.

In India, a content marketing manager can earn two to four lakhs per annum (fresher). If you have experience of more than two years, then you can get six lakhs per annum. 

How to be a Digital Marketing Professional?

For a career in digital marketing, you don’t need to wait for the right moment for admission or drop an academic year for entrances. With minimal investment, start your career in digital marketing.

Getting a certification in Digital Marketing is the best method to start your career. 

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We hope that this post has given you a better idea of whether or not you would like to pursue this career choice. While the digital marketing pay is a significant plus, there are numerous additional advantages to digital marketing professionals that have attracted many learners and young professionals.