Lesbian Pregnancy

Lesbian Pregnancy

Lesbian Pregnancy: Your head could be a bit confused with all the information. However, it’s crucial to note that there are some issues to be aware of with every one of these avenues.

What options are there for lesbians looking to have a child?

The way you choose to add a child your family will be specific to you and your situation.

It is possible that you are entering the parenthood phase by yourself. Sometimes, one partner wants to be a biological father and other times both partners wish to be able to conceive and bear the child, which will increase the chances of a pregnancy that is successful. Sometimes, neither would like to become pregnant rather than adopt, foster or even find the surrogate.

There’s no one right or wrong method to start the decision to have a family. What you pick is determined by your individual preferences as well as other factors such as cost.


IUI (IUI) involves one partner who decides to get pregnant with the eggs she has produced. It is a process that involves donor sperm which is then placed into the uterus with an extremely long and thin catheter. Sometimes , doctors prescribe fertility medication to aid in the process of ovulation and implant.

Whatever the case, the goal for sperm will reach the egg following the procedure and leads to the birth of a baby.

Things to take into consideration include:

  • IUI is not covered by your insurance company. According an estimater from a fertility clinic cost ranges between hundreds of dollars to more than $4,000 for one cycle.
  • The cost will also be contingent on the extent of the procedure, which may include donors sperm or sperm, further surveillance, fertility medications as well as other essentials such as fertility medications, so call any fertility specialist in the area for more details.
  • Your fertility will be influenced by your age and your ovarian reserve along with other variables influence the success rate of the procedure.
  • You can use an unknown or known donor of sperm.
  • The possibility of multiples is a concern when you use fertility drugs to increase egg production.

The success rate for IUI is contingent on a variety of variables, including the problems with fertility that are causing the issue and how much sperm is you use in the process, as well as other factors like your health status and age.


The process of in vitro fertilization (IVF) involves fertilizing eggs or eggs within an environment in which you can use frozen or fresh donor sperm. Similar to IUI you can choose to utilize a well-known or unidentified donor of sperm. In IVF, you have the option of using donor eggs, should you wish to.

In order to begin the IVF cycle, one of the partners injects medication to stimulate the ovaries of her partner to create mature fertile follicles (eggs). The doctor will remove eggs from the ovaries , and then fertilize them using the sperm of a laboratory.

Then, another dose of medication will in preparing the uterus to the implantation. One or more embryos then transfer to the uterus, where they will hopefully implant and eventually result in the birth of a baby.

Things to be aware of:

  • The entire process takes about three weeks to finish.
  • According to a calculator for fertility clinics, IVF costs between $4,700-$30,000 for each cycle. It might cost more than your health insurance.
  • IVF success rates differ based on your health, age and fertility variables. Your doctor might have specific numbers they can share with you about its success rates.
  • Multiples can be a possibility the transfer of several embryos.

Another option is reciprocal IVF. In this method, one of the partners donates the egg to undergo the procedure, and another partner is carrying the embryo.

So both partners will be eligible to take part in the conception process in a certain way.


If neither of you wants to become pregnant or one of them is struggling with fertility it is possible to think about surrogacy which could mean employing either a gestational surrogate or a traditional surrogate.

Additionally, they need to have at minimum one pregnancy to the point of delivery and their pregnancies must not be a source of problems. Surrogates are also subject to psychological and medical screenings to make sure they’re fit to perform the job.

As you’d expect that the cost of surrogacy can be high. For instance, West Coast Surrogacy shares the cost of surrogacy can be between $90,000 to $130,000. The amount you pay will be used to cover expenses such as the surrogate cost, medical costs legal fees, other costs at your discretion, like the maternity clothing stipend.

It is also possible to use your relative or friend as surrogate. However, she must be able to meet the minimum medical requirements and undergo screenings , too. Make sure you draw an agreement and collaborate with lawyers to safeguard yourself from legal problems later.

The price varies If your friend or family member does this for a good cause however, you’ll need to cover medical bills as well as other charges.

Adoption or foster

Many children worldwide need homes. If you’re not convinced that biological connection is essential in your home, then you may want to take a look at adoption.

There are many kinds of adoption that you should consider which include:

  • The Public. This involves adopting an infant or child from the United States child welfare system which covers infants as young as and even teens. It is also possible to spot children who have special needs or children that may be less difficult to adopt as healthy infants. 
  • Private. This involves adopting the child through a private company. It can cost between $20,000 and $45,000 however, this can depend on the particular agency. There are also other expenses, like fees for home studies, which are in addition to the total price. Although this is more costly, you might be more in control of the kind of child (age or race, etc.) you choose to adopt, if it’s crucial to you.
  • international. This involves adopting children from a different country. Remember that there are some restrictions. Not all countries permit gay couples to be adopted, therefore make sure you do your homework. There might be little information on the mental and physical health of children who are adopted from different countries. The cost ranges from $10,000 to $50,000. These will also vary and can be lower or higher depending on specific fees and travel costs, for example.

However Fostering is when you take into the system of foster care with the intention to see the child brought back to their family. This was the case in about half of cases of the year 2018.

This is a temporary position and the amount of time can be different according to the circumstances. Your job entails less being the primary parent, and becoming a supportive parent to the family of birth and child in the event that they are separated from one another.

While this isn’t the first thing people think of when they think about expanding their family but even temporary care can be an excellent way to offer the structure and affection needed by the child. It can also be extremely satisfying.

You should check the laws of your state regarding foster care or adoption. Some states don’t have specific laws that protect against discrimination in the context of sexual orientation. You can map the state you live in onto the map below to determine if there are laws that protect you in the your area.

Sexual relations with a partner who has penis

Although it might not seem appealing to experience an intimate sex session with a person who has a penis, you might be surprised discover that certain lesbian couples opt for this method of pregnancy.

In one way, it cuts away doctor visits, monitoring as well as other medical procedures you might not feel at ease with. In essence, it reduces the risk of being a patient. Plus, it costs less.

But, you’re no more likely to become pregnant using the “old-fashioned” way. This may not be something you’re comfortable doing which is fine.

If you’re considering this method, be aware that timing is crucial. What increases the chances of being able to think of is knowing the menstrual cycle of your body and when to schedule your the intercourse. This is a means of having sex within your fertile period, which ranges between a couple of days before you begin to ovulate until ovulation day. Utilizing Ovulation forecasting kit (OPKs) may help you to determine the ideal days when you can get sexual sex.

Total cost

The costs vary widely with these options. Some are quite costly in particular if you are required to go through several procedures in order to get pregnant. Review your account balance and discuss what you could reasonably can afford together with the person you love.

The laws regarding gay and lesbian parents differ based the location you live in. Contact an agency for adoption or surrogacy close to you for more details specifically for the area you reside in. In any case you’ll need to engage an experienced lawyer who has experience in reproductive law and adoption to guide you through the procedure.

You can also find out more online on creating legal ties for children who live within LGBT family.

Medical problems

If you continue to explore the process, you might discover that having a child isn’t as easy as creating sperm and egg. Even if the embryo is directly implanted into the uterus needs to grow and implant. There’s a touch of magic in it allregardless of what doctors can do with the latest technology.

Furthermore, a variety of different factors play a role when it comes to conception. From age to fertility to luck could influence any particular cycle. It can be particularly difficult especially if you’re investing a lot of money and trying to get your expectations up. Do your best to recognize that it may it through several cycles to obtain a positive pregnancy test.

Your feelings

Naturally, facing uncertainty means you are experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions with excitement one moment then anxiety the next, despair the next, and finally happiness when it is all worked out. Phew! Get ready for the ride and make sure you talk to your companion on her feelings, too.

Be aware that you’re together. Whatever happens, no matter how it turns out, you’ll be with one another in the end. You may want to consider seeking out a couple’s therapist or, at a minimumcreating a solid support network of friends and family throughout this period.


The positive side is that gay couples have many options to expand their family. There are advantages and drawbacks to each option. Therefore, you shouldn’t rush into any decision without taking time to examine the complete image.