Female Pupil Playing Guitar In High School Orchestra Reading Music Sheet

Singing is the gateway to a person’s soul. It doesn’t matter whether you sing yourself or listen to someone else singing: singing triggers feelings and it has even been scientifically proven that singing can increase well-being.

All you need to sing is your voice; practically anyone can start with it. There are people who are blessed with such talent that they can hit every note perfectly even without singing lessons.

But even if you have talent and can already sing well, there are still numerous techniques to get the most out of your voice and not damage your voice in the long run.

Unlike making music with an instrument, the body is the tool when singing, which is why it is all the more important to pay attention to the right breathing technique, posture and relaxed muscles.

We help you with our excellent support to get the best out of your voice.

 No matter what voice pitch, we help you to learn a holistic 강남 셔츠룸 technique through professional voice training for every level of experience. In addition, we not only adapt the lessons to individual needs, but also to preferred musical styles. The spectrum of different approaches is large. With the piano, it is relatively easy to visualize which keys have to be pressed in videos. There are also exciting visualizations for ukulele, drums or vocals. However, Krebs points out that many students find it difficult to understand the physical aspect of making music. Your own music teacher can respond to this in a completely different way. “He can give feedback on the learner’s game and also demonstrate problem-related options on how to better execute game movements.”

On-site music lessons have a number of advantages

Even if new teaching methods are constantly being developed online, it is of course something completely different if you can meet in person during class, explains Kathrin Bock, pedagogue and program manager. “In the mediation process, it helps a lot if the teacher has a direct reaction from the student.”

According to Bock, some teachers are now becoming practical YouTube’s for their students: “They then sit down at home and explain in 45 minutes how quarter notes work, for example. Of course it’s different when your own music teacher can be seen in a video than when it’s a YouTube video from a stranger.”