NBA Entertainment vs. NBA Basketball What’s Good about Playing Stars?


Since reaching its peak in the 1990s, the NBA has grown in popularity on a global scale, helping basketball become one of the most popular sports in the world. The NBA basketball, led by the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and the legendary dream team of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Byrd and many other stars, has conquered the world.

Since then, everything has only gone up, with the intrusion of hip-hop culture into the mainstream media, basketball and hip-hop have become a marriage to be reckoned with.

The NBA was cool, its merchandise was great,

 And Michael Jordan was crowned king of the empire. The Jordanian style with wide shorts, air Jordan sneakers and shaved heads would become a mandatory uniform for any serious basketball player, while children would spend more time practicing circus hits than free throws. The 1990s were a time of glory for the NBA, and the NBA was proud of its product.

Due to increased revenue and popularity, too has continued to expand, branch out and refine its successful formula. By the end of the 1990s, new types of players were emerging and the NBA was witnessing a new type of mentality. At the dawn of the 21st century, playing in the NBA was like stepping into a studio to record a rap album. Hip-hop was an nba중계 too soundtrack and music artist and the player were getting harder to do. After all, it was the same culture, the same age groups and the same entertainment. NBA players loved hip hop music and hip hop artists enjoyed basketball. Shaquille O’Neal has already come out, Allen Iverson came out with a style that has so far only been seen on playgrounds, while dunks have begun to defy reality and resemble many more video games. By this time, the NBA had reached new heights and was a fruitful business with revenues beyond the basketball court.

While the NBA money machine was in full swing,

 There were some worrying signs; there were more and more fights on the field, games became more and more aggressive and outbreaks of violence became more frequent. Basketball is now a physical game, so it is expected to worsen sharply, and it will not solve anything with a fine or a ban.

As 2000 progressed, the NBA came to the fore for a number of other reasons; on the one hand, the expansion of the market base was driven by the rise of China, which accelerated the NBA’s desire to become global and planned more NBA games abroad. On the other hand, there were social movements that led to the rise of high school students jumping straight into the NBA and the growing mix of NBA players in popular culture. The problem was that NBA players, hip-hop and entertainment were obliged to bring with them the rest of the element that was always associated with them: scandal.

NBA players have gained a bad reputation due to frequent arrests, questionable escorts, and reports of multiple traffic violations; Of course, it wasn’t just the NBA players, but let’s focuses on what’s going on.

It wasn’t long before the media began to portray NBA players negatively,

as many portrayed them as pampered ungrateful millionaires who didn’t appreciate their chances. Players listed for DUI, drug prosecution, or gun ownership has become the norm; there have even been several cases of domestic and sexual violence. For many, there was no longer much difference between the lives of NBA athletes and the gangster’s tail universe.

Nevertheless, there was hope for the arrival of the Libran James High School phenomenon, a one-man show produced by Kobe Bryant that offered the best incarnation of Michael Jordan, and China’s approval of the NBA as one of the most lucrative markets. However, all this would not eliminate the downgrade that was limited by the final of the Spurs-Cavaliers and the ongoing identity struggle between the NBA and its workforce.

On November 19, 2004, a fight broke out between the Indian Pacers and the Detroit Pistons in Detroit. During the crowd, a fan of Pacers created Ron Artists’ cup of drink and he responded by entering the stands to discipline the culprit. The incident caused a great deal of criticism from everywhere, from fans to the media to politicians, etc … The battle in the palace to this day is the biggest link in the NBA.

The NBA’s response was quick and clear;

Leaving aside the harsh penalties for everyone involved in the fight, he too decided to redefine his product and lose all connection with the hip-hop culture and classify his players as bullies and immature.

First there was the style of dress, the NBA was set to send a message to everyone that playing in the NBA is first and foremost a job, and athletes who should not be on the field should be accepted and presented as professionals.