What can the P-Shot be utilized to do?

What is the P-Shot used

What can the P-Shot be utilized to do: The P-Shot procedure involves taking platelet rich plasma (PRP) from your blood and injecting it into your penis. The doctor will take your own tissues and cells and injects the same into your penile tissues to stimulate tissue growth , and supposedly improve your erections.

The most popular version is known as”the Priapus Shot. The name, derived from the Greek god for sexual wellness, was initially employed by Dr. Charles Runels (of Kardashian vampire fame) and was adopted from there.

However, there’s been limited research conducted on any of the claims that the P-Shot being advertised for. Before you decide to take the P-Shot and attach it to your P (or to your V) Here’s the information you need to be aware of.

What can the P-Shot be utilized to do?

The P-Shot model is based on the PRP treatment that is used to heal joint and muscle injuries. It is also investigated for the treatment of chronic health issues.

In all instances it’s considered to be an experimental treatment.

In essence the P-Shot can be utilized in lieu of treatment for a variety of situations such as:

  • erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • lichen sclerosus
  • Peyronie’s Disease is a condition where scar tissue creates the penis curve appear when in erect position.
  • penis enhancement
  • the general function of sexuality, perform and enhancement of orgasm

Does it work?

All we can go on is anecdote. If it enhances sexual function, nobody knows the reason the process is repeatable, whether and if not what the the results are possible, or how secure it is.

Orgasms can occur (and do not happen) due to a variety of mental, physical and emotional motives. The shot might not cause the root causes of your being able to experience orgasms.

Based on the Dr. Richard Gaines, who is the one who offers the P-Shot and other treatments in LifeGaines, his life-enhancing clinic, the positive effects of this treatment for sexual performance can be attributed to:

  • Increased blood low stress
  • Repair responses in certain tissues or cells
  • new neural pathways are being formed (from recent experiences as well as positive reinforcement)
  • The placebo effectTrusted Source

What do we are aware of about PRP’s use for sexual purpose

  • A review of research conducted on PRP to treat male sexual dysfunction revealed that there’s no research to demonstrate the advantages as well as the dangers of this procedure.
  • Another review of 2019 conducted byTrusted Source discovered the following: There was only a small amount of evidence from the Source of PRP could have an impact positive on ED.
  • A second review of 2019 found that the studies which have been conducted regarding PRP used for the male sexual function were tiny and not properly designed.
  • In an 2017 , study of 1,220 individuals who had PRP, it was combined with regular use of a pump to expand the penis. The participants noticed an increase in penis size and length, this could be accomplished with the penis pump on its own however the effects are short-term. Pumps will draw blood into the penis for a short period of duration. However, using one excessively or for long periods of time could cause damage to the tissue of the penis, leading to erections not as strong.

In the end, there must be more research conducted on PRP usage to improve sexual health of men.

What is it?

This procedure is a choice and is only available by a handful of trained doctors. It’s not covered by all medical insurance policies. You might have to pay the entire amount out of your pocket to cover it.

Hormone Zone Hormone Zone advertises the procedure for around $1,900 However, they don’t mention precisely what’s included in the price.

Based on the 2018 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report the cost of a single doctor’s appointment for a single procedure of PRP was $683. This doesn’t take into account any additional costs associated with the procedure such as the ones required for preparation, instruments and medical care at the clinic.

How do I locate a service

Begin by talking to your doctor.

The first place to go is your primary care physician or your Urologist (for patients who have penises) or Gynecologist (for those who have vaginas). They might have some knowledge of this procedure , or they may have a referral to a specialist who can perform the P-Shot (if not them).

At a minimum they’ll be able to put you to a trusted institution or direct you to the proper direction. If you don’t have a doctor, this Healthline Locator tool can assist you in finding an area-specific doctor.

Ask all the questions that you might have

Here are a few questions to think about when searching for someone to perform your P-Shot

  • Are they certified or licensed as a physician by an medical board that is recognized?
  • Have they got a loyal customer base who have received favorable reviews as well as positive results?
  • Does the company have a lot of information on their site regarding the cost and the process, before and after pictures (if appropriate) and any other information you’d like to be aware of?
  • Are they simple to reach through phone via email or phone, or by contacting the office manager?
  • Do they wish to provide a brief “meet-and-greet”consultation or answer some of your first questions?
  • What steps or alternatives are includedin the P-Shot treatment?

Think about your choices

One of the practitioners of the P-Shot includes the Dr. Richard Gaines. He founded his “age management” practice, LifeGaines Medical & Aesthetics Center located situated in Boca Raton, Florida, in 2004. His website states that the P-Shot will “allow your body to reclaim its biological responses to stimulus.”

Another center located in Scottsdale, Arizona, called the Hormone Zone is a specialist in hormone treatment and provides P-Shot treatments. They promote the following advantages:

  • Treatment for ED
  • the flow of blood and improvement in nerve sensation
  • More intense and stronger orgasms that are stronger and more intense.
  • greater stamina and endurance during sexual activity
  • More libido and a sensible penis
  • It is used in conjunction with testosterone therapy.
  • aids in sexual function following prostate surgery. This helps improve sexual function following prostate
  • This makes the penis lengthier and wide

Keep in mind that these facilities earn profit from the services they provide, therefore their information could be biased. In addition, there’s no evidence to support these assertions.

What are the steps to get ready for this procedure?

There isn’t any have to take any specific steps to prepare for this process.

It is possible to have an examination or complete range of laboratory blood tests to determine your overall health, if you didn’t do it in the last year. It is essential to ensure that you have healthy blood plasma, platelets and plasma is essential.

What should you expect when you attend your meeting

This is an outside procedure which means you can visit and have it completed and leave later in the day. It is possible to take the day off from working or other obligations to give yourself sufficient time to complete the procedure however this isn’t required.

Once you’ve arrived at the clinic at the facility, you’ll probably be required to lie down on the table while waiting for the doctor to start. When the procedure is complete the physician or assistant will:

  1. Apply an ointment or cream which numbs your genital region and provides local anesthetics, which numbs the surrounding area, as well.
  2. Get the blood sample of your body typically from your arm or someplace non-invasive. Place it into a test tube.
  3. The test tube should be placed into the centrifugefor several minutes to remove the different blood components and separate the platelet-rich plasma (PRP).
  4. Take PRPfrom the fluid in the test tube and place them in two syringes that are separate for injection.
  5. inject PRP in the penile shaft the clitoris, or in the area known to be or the Grafenberg (G) location. This is completed in only a couple of minutes, with four to five injections.
  6. Penis pumps are given to patients who were injected into their penile shaft. This will draw liquid into the penis and make sure that the PRP is functioning in the way it was intended. It is possible to perform this task yourself every day for 10 minutes for a couple of weeks. However, doing it too often or for too long could harm the elastic tissue in the penis, which can result in less firmer erections.

And you’re done! It’s likely that you’ll be able leave in a matter of minutes or less.

Possible negative side effects and potential complications

There are likely to be a few minor negative side effects of the injection that will disappear in four to six days for example:

  • swelling
  • redness
  • bruises

Certain rare problems could include:

  • Infection
  • scarring
  • Cold sores can cause outbreaks in the event of an history of herpes simplex virus

What should you anticipate during the recovery process

The recovery process is swift. You’ll be able to return to normal activities such as school or work the next day or within the next day.

Beware of sexual contact during the first few days following the procedure to avoid spreading infection to the injection areas. Limit your physical activity for a few days so that sweating and chafing don’t affect the region.

When will you be able to see results?

The results you get can be varied depending upon your general health condition as along with other factors an influence on your sexual functioning. Some people notice immediate results after just one treatment. Others might not see improvements for a while or until they’ve received several treatments.

Based on Dr. Gaines, based on his experiences as a dispenser to patients who receive the Priapus Shot at his practice He categorizes reactions for treatment in three broad buckets:

  • Early responders experience immediate effects within 24 hours.
  • Normal responders notice effects after 3 to 6 treatments. after the second treatment , they notice a shift in the response. Within a month or two months , they attain their peak results.
  • Late responders can see positive results within three to four months.

Gaines said, “[With] very severe ED, which means several years it’s been an issue, there’s a lot of variables.”

The main takeaway

The P-Shot requires further research to prove its validity. If you’re interested in attempting it, discuss it in depth with your doctor. You may also consider talking to another doctor that is not affiliated with the P-Shot service provider.

Remember that your orgasms and erections are the result of a combination of hormones, blood flow and physical conditions that are influenced by your emotional and mental well-being.

If you’re experiencing no outcomes from the P-Shot test, it’s possible to examine any health concerns that might cause problems with your sexual performance. Also, you can consult counselor, therapist or a sexual health professional to determine what’s stopping you from achieving complete satisfaction with your sexual experience.