Sole Representative visa is a big boost to Indians looking to set up businesses in the UK

Sole Representative visa

The UK’s economy is becoming more profitable than ever with many significant reforms underway. This is the best time to expand your business to the UK.

According to statistics, between 2000 and 2021, the business sector population has grown by 61%, which means that there is still a large part of the business sector to be explored.

An overseas business visa can help established businesses outside the UK to expand their operations in the UK by setting up a branch or a subsidiary in the UK.

Indian businesses in the UK can leverage the very-favourable UK market for SMEs and set up a business branch in the UK.

Why do you need a Sole representative visa?

A sole representative is a person who represents the overseas business in the UK. This person is permitted to run the business by establishing a branch or a subsidiary of the parent company in the UK.

The benefit of being a sole representative is that you get to experience the world’s best infrastructure, lifestyle, economy and education in the UK.

You can also gain settlement or ILR once you have lived for 5 continuous years on a sole representative visa.

You can also take your dependents along with you to the UK on a sole representative visa.

How can you make a successful application?

Step1: You need to meet eligibility criteria before you can apply for a sole representative visa.

  • The employer outside the UK must be genuine and actively trading the business.
  • The employer must set up branch or subsidiary with same business activity as overseas
  • The sole representative must be a full-time employee of the parent company and must be known to the employer and knowledgeable person who can take decisions on behalf of the employer.
  • The sole representative must be a senior employee of the parent company

Step 2: Make an online application and submit all the required documents. You will also be asked to complete biometrics at a nearest Uk visa and application centre.

The decision on your application can be expected to come in 8 weeks.

The documents are as follows:

  • Your current passport
  • Details of financial stability to sustain yourself and your family in the UK
  • Certificate of A1 level proficiency in English speaking and listening
  • Your accommodation details in the UK
  • Certificate of Tuberculosis test, if applicable
  • Certified translation of documents if not in English or Welsh
  • A complete description of business activities
  • Letter of confirmation from the employer about the branch in the UK or subsidiary to conduct business activity similar to the parent company
  • Sole representative’s employment contract, job description and salary package.
  • Proof that the sole representative does not hold majority business shares

Fee for the application

For making the application from outside the UK, you pay £610 and if you choose to apply from within the UK you pay £704, plus £19.20 for biometrics.

You will also be charged immigration health surcharge of £624.

Visa validity

The visa will initially be granted for 3 years, subject to renewal. After which you can stay for 2 more years in the UK.

After 5 years you can apply for ILR and later obtain British citizenship.

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