Students learn at a good pace at L.P.U. with advanced technology


Now with Interactive live lectures, the LPU university offers a real-time interaction between students and the faculty. Yes these days with an online mode where you can clear your doubts and interact with your peers. Hence, here at L.P.U, you will get a dynamic and innovative classroom experience with an easy and convenient process.

 Hence, lpu distance education Ludhiana provides you with Video-based learning. It offers a great learner experience with visual examples. Moreover, It is the best way to adapt the subject to your unique learning style with advanced learning. Now get the complete freedom to review the content as many times as you want.

Moreover, the students can submit Online submissions of Assignments and Projects in an easy manner. Now, this helps you to give a hassle-free experience to students throughout the program. Moreover now at the same time, it will let you assess your overall progress with the desired course.

Professional Enhancement Programme

The lpu distance education ludhiana provides Special classes which are organized under Placement Enhancement Program (PEP). Here students are trained in aptitude, reasoning, soft skills, and other interviewing skills.

Mock Interviews

 The Mock Interviews are also prepared by the university. These interviews help you to give you an opportunity to practice and attain confidence. Moreover, various questions asked during an interview and getting feedback will help you gain more confidence. click now.

Online workshops

 Moreover, various Online workshops will be organized by the university. The students also get various facilities at the university in collaboration with industry leaders. With regards to this, the university also provides you insights of the industry and the skills required to be successful in future endeavors. Hence students can attain various skills and Industry professionals mentor the students on niche technologies. These workshops, it provides an edge to the skill set that attracts a lot of placement opportunities for them.

 Career placement

LPU has provided a great platform to study for Distance Education. The students get ample opportunities to do jobs after completing the course. . The interaction with university faculty and officials is outstanding and students get advanced learning courses. LPU provides students opportunities to participate in co-curricular activities as well. Hence they can move on in placement, extra-curricular and various other development activities. So, click now for the desired course.

 Hence, with LPU Ludhiana you can enroll yourself for the desired level of course. You can also specialize in any particular stream you choose for a particular course.   There are various courses at PG and UG levels available for various courses. Hence you can take admission for any distance learning course and side by side you can do your job and other work efficiently. It saves your money and time and provides you a new path of learning, where you can learn while doing other work simultaneously. So, hurry up, complete your education at an affordable cost and develop new career opportunities for you.