Uncover the top 6 benefits of IVR solution in 2022

IVR service providers

In today’s world, when customers interact with businesses, they desire for their voices to be heard and issues resolved instantly and effortlessly. To cater to this need of the customers, many businesses have adopted technologies like Interactive Voice Response (IVR), to answer the queries of their clients round the clock, automatically. IVR is a technology that allows businesses to automate interaction with customers in both in-bound and out-bound calls, through pre-recorded voice messages, and also with the help of Text to Speech technology. It also permits customers to navigate a menu of options thereby segregating and routing to the appropriate representative or team of the organization. When an IVR technology is implemented for the service of the customer, organizations can experience multiple benefits. The top six benefits are discussed below:

  • Quicker and more efficient call routing for sales and services: With the growth of an organization, the internal structure inclines towards getting more complex. Combining that with high rates of call volume and a customer care center without IVR would immediately find its call queue inflating. It results in a longer issue resolution time. With IVR a massive load of work is off from the agent’s plate, by prioritizing and rerouting inbound calls to sales and service call centers. And since IVR is a program, it is not exposed to human error. This results in, getting incoming calls to the right agent as quickly as possible.
  • Ameliorate Lead Conversation: An IVR can help automate the process of reaching out to predictive clients. It provides a simplified way to pre-qualify the interest of the customers and support lead conversation. After retaliating to some simple questions, qualified and interested prospects can be instantly routed to a live agent to seal the deal. Today’s Interactive Voice Response Systems are enhancing the foundation of an exclusively new channel in customer care services.
  • Meliorate Brand/Customer Connections: The key to a successful interactive voice response is customization and is one of the first contacts a customer has with the company. With the use of customization of the phone menus and prompts, businesses can create a strategy of engagement. When the business logic is mapped according to the natural customer journey, it will allow the business to deliver an experience that is always on-brand.
  • Customer Delightments: When a customer call is routed to the right agent of concern at the right time, the business customer support process would make customers happier and more efficient. The IVR system can route the customer’s call to the right agent of the required team, with a smartly designed speech-driven phone menu. This system has been used for retail orders, notification of bills, appointment reminders, and even booking a table in a customer’s favorite restaurant. All this can be done without engagement with a live agent.
  • Saves Time and Money: This technology helps to save both the business time and the customer’s time by improving the first contact resolution (FCR) and scaling down the number of internal redirects that are required to meet the customer’s needs. It is because it allows customers to self-serve the automated phone menu and prerecorded messages, while the live agents can engage in serving higher needed calls. A recent study shows that a live chat costs around $5 and telephone-based customer service cost from $6 to $12, the IVR technology cost less than $1 making the customers happier.
  • Helps Business Scale: The optimal IVR solution must be robust and flexible enough to scale with the organization and be adaptable to the customer’s ever-changing expectations. The legacy system tends to be rigid and provides less flexibility. That said, companies are trying to be beneficial by establishing cloud-based APIs that provide intelligent routing, omni channel support, and multilingual capabilities. By incorporating APIs in the existing systems, these innovators ensure optimal on-demand customer engagements and complete control of phone trees.

These analyses of various benefits of the technology show that businesses should leverage the system with the best IVR service providers in India. To get an advanced IVR solution for small or big enterprises, Knowrality is considered one of the best IVR service providers in India. Capitalizing this system would enhance operational efficiencies and automate customer service while reducing cost and increasing satisfaction.