What Are Interactive Videos?


Proprietary cloud-based interactive video platform Cinema8. Interactive movies are digital content that allow interaction with the user through information and communication technologies.

Therefore, Cinema8 creates dynamic, a cloud-based interactive video platform that enables advertisers to understand the preferences of the target audience while presenting content in a dynamic and engaging way, increasing the overall impact of the investment.

This type of format is highly beneficial for increasing audience engagement and also offers many benefits to businesses, including much more data for sales and marketing teams to use to improve their performance.

80% of video ads end before the first half of the video is shown.

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When we talk about interactive video

When it comes to interactive movies, the first Black Mirror episode that comes to mind is “Bandersnatch.” Due to the popularity of Netflix production, it has become a benchmark for innovation in this segment.

The episode includes multiple moments of interactive video in which the viewer chooses between five different endings.

While this is new technology, interactive content is nothing new and there has always been an interest in improving interactions between different media.

This modality is widely used in contests and reality shows.

But it’s no surprise that the Internet has increased participation levels exponentially. From the ability to react and comment on social networks and posts, to participating in online polls and interactive videos.

For those looking to stay current and constantly innovate in their marketing strategy, it’s important to keep up with all these new ways to use video to strengthen your brand.

Interactive video with numbers

  • According to the latest CISCO reports, video content will account for 79% of global Internet traffic by 2022.
  • Interactive content converts twice as much as passive content
  • Get 4 to 5 times more views
  • 79% of marketers describe interactive content as reusable, leading to more visits and meetings.

Thanks to the dynamic interactive video platform, we can very easily define them as digital movies that favor interaction with the user. We can better see this evolution if we consider the comparison with the linear video above.

Take control of the user

Let’s see in practice how it differs from linear video: Until then, the viewer can pause, play, speed up and move to a different point in the movie. It was the biggest influence you could have had on the movie.

For interactive videos, the user can define the direction of the content, the next scenes, the continuity and the final result, which is really a big step forward since the previous mode was just that.

In other words, he was no longer just a passive consumer of the video, but in a sense a co-producer of the material he interacted with.