When to use a bong vs a bubbler


Cup size: Due to the compact design of the cheap mini bubblers, the cup tends to be smaller and lower. Bonsa, on the other hand, can reach a height of 4 meters and can carry very deep or shallow cups. Depending on the needs of the smoker, you can move the old cup or keep several cups handy. The size of the cup affects the maximum size of each stroke and the length of the session. The smaller the cups, the more often the cups have to be repackaged, which can be difficult to divide.

Severity of cleaning: Bonn is known to be difficult to clean, especially if they have delicate internal elements that can break or break easily, such as multiple percolators or waste collectors. Remember that wood parks and shower parks are some of the most fragile styles. Due to its simple properties and design, foam glass is generally very easy to clean without damaging it. To clean the bonnet and foam, add isopropyl alcohol and salt and shake well (be careful not to shake or damage the bonnet). For cheap mini bubblers, use a soaked cotton swab to clean hard-to-reach areas. Marijuana anabon usually takes hours to soak or must be shaken several times for proper cleaning.

Customization: The bong has different parts, so it is more customizable. Choose your favorite combination and add new cups or ashtrays to improve performance and increase your visual appeal. The blisters have no extra elements, so the style and design you choose is exactly what you need to do.

Portability: cheap mini bubblers are the most popular due to their unobtrusive design and portability. Take it on a camping trip, light it on the beach and save it just as easily. Grasbons vary in size, some of which are considered small to less than 6 inches, but may be larger than bubbles. In addition, some parts are usually needed in Bonn (eg a sink), but the bubbles are usually full glass. Fewer cuts mean less worry.

Share: Relax with your friends in the living room and enjoy Bonn. But if you want to share it with your friends on the go, Bubbler is a natural choice. The bubbles are comfortable, so they are perfect for parties and parties. You don’t even have to worry about bugs in the game, as it’s hard to break the bubble.


Due to its large size and fragility, it is ideal for indoor use. There is always a risk of damaging the bonito, especially large ones, when wearing it. Bonn is perfect for long sessions and blockbusters that require a deep bowl.

When it’s time to leave, cheap mini bubblers is a close friend. Its compact size and minimal functionality make it easy to keep in a glove box or backpack. The solo session was fun, but the hand bubble was like a dry dragon, so it was good to share.

Now that you’ve read about the differences between Bonn and Bubbler, it’s time to invest in one.