Why Choose Community Care Instead of Home care for Senior Citizens. 

Community care vs Home care

In today’s busy world one of the major problems faced by senior citizen is loneliness. Most of these senior citizens live in a family where their children are usually stuck with the works or settled abroad. All this leads to mental illness and receiving inadequate care and attention to their health and lifestyle. They are not able to socialize and express themselves to anyone. Then it comes with the role of overwhelming community care. But for some, it is always been a tough decision whether to choose Home Care or Community Care.  

Well with so many benefits of both home and community care it is always difficult to choose which one is the best one? No worries, we are here to help you. After going through a comprehensive article you will be finally able to make the decision. 

What is Homecare?

Home care is referred as personal care which is usually seek by senior citizens. All the facilities, care, protection are usually given to them from the comfort of their home. The home care services in India are all about trust and sharing your personal space with a professional home care expert or nurse. The frequency of the caregiver totally depends on the monetary term and the frequency of the care required for the senior citizen. 

What is Community Care? 

It is also known as the old age home, senior living home and retirement home in India. Community care is basically a group of communities of similar age like-minded people. They usually stayed at a single place where they receive the proper care from the hustle-bustle, chaos of the city. It is a place where they can talk and socialize with each other. 

Key Comparisons between Home Care and Community Care.

Community Care Home Care 
Community care services for senior citizen is intended to help senior citizen who is usually in need of care & support and wants to live with the rest of their life with dignity and independence. These services are for senior citizens (above 55 age) and for those who are suffering from mental illness and physical disability. 

Mainly done by the experienced caretaker. Everything works systematically in a hierarchical way at the community care center. Employees are interviewed and properly trained before presenting to the customers.

The retirement home center comes with a variety of facilities and spaces which help them keep active with daily work activities. 

Immediate medical facilities are present at the old age community center. You will find nurses or doctors who are ready to help you at any time of the day. 

Community caretaking comes with trust. You can live freely without bothering much about security and fraud. 

Home care services for senior citizen is basically companion caregiver. The assistance on the the regular basis is provided to the person by the nurse or caretaker. It basically involves almost any type of care from personal to health. 

Caretaking provided by the home care centers may not be the best. Most of them are not trained properly. They lack professionalism which not be enough to take the proper care of the senior citizen.

A limited amount of physical activities is possible which varies from the size of your home. 

No immediate help in theirs. In case of any emergency, you have to wait for the doctor’s arrival. 

Homecare services  is less safe as compared to community care. They are not always under surveillance and supervision.